Importance of a Custom Domain Name to Your Hosting Reseller Business

Untitled(1)If you are thinking of earning residual income online, then you should consider investing in web hosting reseller services. When you own this hosting business, there is a lot you can offer to your customers. To begin with, you may set up and manage their websites and emails. You may also choose to register domain names UK website owners would be looking for. Actually, there are many options you can consider when you choose to become a reseller. Below are a few of those options.

Reseller Hosting

It is considered to be the least expensive form of hosting by most people. It is also the most recommended for those who are venturing into the hosting reseller business for their first time. It does not require so much IT knowledge. You can use one control panel to manage a number of customers. Those customers will then have access to this control panel whenever they need to make changes or update their service.

The challenge however is that most of your clients may not have the background knowledge to set up, update or make changes on their sites. They will therefore depend on you to do most of that work. This means that you should be prepared to walk your clients through those processes for the most part. If not, you may have to hire an expert who will be dealing with such issues from your clients. However, as a reseller, you can charge a little bit more for the hands-on service you will be offering. If you can do most of that work by yourself, it means you will have a bigger profit margin.

VPS Hosting

Virtual Private Server Hosting can be difficult to comprehend. However, to make it easier for you to understand, we would refer to it as a server that is working in another server. Usually, it works from one powerful physical machine, or a dedicated server, that is then split into various working environments. Each of the working environments is then installed with server software to have them running independently as mini-servers within the dedicated server. What is more is that each of those “mini-servers” will have their independent disk storage, CPU and RAM.

You can still become a reseller on VPS plan. However, you should know that these accounts are mostly meant for the purposes of development only. This is because the resources there-in are rather limited as compared to the other hosting plans. That notwithstanding, there are many people who have taken VPS as one of the greatest ways to graduate from reseller hosting to using a dedicated server. It is a good plan to have as your business is still in the growth stage. You can later abandon it for the dedicated servers when you are fully established.

Dedicated Servers

Just like the name suggests, in this plan, all the resources in a single server machine will be dedicated to you. It means those resources will be at your disposal to use as you wish. While the equipment will still be owned and operated by the company where the server is located, you will have exclusive use for that machine. You should opt for a managed dedicated server so that the datacenter will do all the maintenance and troubleshooting on the machine for you.

There are many other options that you could choose to use. The above mentioned ones are among the most common. If you want to run your business in a professional manner, be sure to use domain name registration UK services. This will ensure that you have a registered custom domain name to your business and the services you are offering.

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The Perks of Affordable Web Hosting Services

hostdoneEver wondered how web developers and independent web owners manage their websites? For a newbie, the idea of getting into any of the affordable web hosting services is a little baffling. You might think that such an arrangement will only add to the cost of putting a website and this is where you are wrong. Website hosting is basically what runs majority of websites nowadays. This is the very platform that enables businesses and individual website owners to optimize their online performance. But apart from that, what perks do web hosting services deliver?

Utmost Support from Cheap Web Hosting

When it comes to benefits, low cost wordpress hosting services deliver the support that you will need. At some point, a website will have issues that are beyond your comprehension. It could be a downtime or a problem on loading due to bandwidth. The longer these issues are addressed, the more problems will also arise.  This is where a web hosting technical support comes in. They can solve everything for you and can even make your website run on mirror servers so it will experience the least downtime possible. This also eliminates the need for costly webmasters.

Ample Server Space

Most sites these days feature images, videos, animation and audio files to optimize its content. Non-hosted sites are often too slow to load leading prospects to ditch the whole thing and run to a close competitor. You won’t want that to happen. Even a cheap hosting service will ensure that your website run on enough server space or bandwidth for easy and fast access to your website.

Database Creation

All web hosting services allows web owners and/or developers to gain free access to its control panel. This is one way for you to create databases as well as other exciting features like shopping carts, forums, chat panels, communities and so on. Some also offer web design as part of their hosting services.

Indispensable Features

In the same light, other needed features like email systems, tutorials and guides, and SEO programs are often included in a web hosting package. Even if it is a cheap hosting service, these crucial features are always part and parcel of the services. Outlook emails, for instance, allow communication for both inside and outside the businesses. Communication is vital in an organization. The need to keep track with various aspects of the business will help big time on realizing its goal. Communicating with clients using a domain that directly relates to your business will increase not just visibility but reputability as well. SEO, on the other hand, will add visibility to your website. These, among other features, will help establish your website. Traffic is what drives websites to thrive. Without traffic, your website will simply stagnate. But when done accordingly, it will increase reputability and reliability in the market.

These are just some of the many perks that a cheap web hosting can do for your business. Before you pick a hosting service, however, make sure you know what your goals and objectives. Let this be your guide in choosing a plan that answers all your website’s needs.