3 Tips for Searching for A New RAM Truck

There are three main factors you should consider when you want to buy a new RAM truck in this ever-changing economy.

One of the most important features of any vehicle is the crash test ratings. You want to buy a truck that will protect you in the event of a crash situation. Once you find a truck that meets your safety requirements, take a look and see if it fits your daily needs in terms of seating and bed size. The final deciding factor between your new list of trucks should be the estimated mileage per gallon.

Safety Ratings
Every truck goes through the same crash test process and is translated in to a system of star ratings. This rating system has one star as the lowest and five stars as the highest. On average most new trucks have an overall rating of four stars. Make sure to consider each individual crash test rating as well as the overall rating when you look to purchase your new vehicle, especially if you plan on carrying any precious cargo that may be more subject to damage if you are hit on the passenger side.

Room and Amenities
All trucks have the same basic shape and parts. The cab, where the passengers sit, and the bed, the open space in the back, have the most variety between makes and models. Make sure you find a truck that has adequate seating and legroom for any passengers you may taxi around, as some trucks can only seat two adults comfortably. In addition to people, you need to know how much you can fit in the bed based on the length, width, and height. This is very important if you frequently have to make large hauls. You will also want to know how much weight the truck can carry.

Fuel Economy

You should also consider the gas mileage of the different trucks you are interested in purchasing. RAM trucks have some of the best fuel ratings in their class. Pick out a range of miles you want to get per gallon and use this as a deciding factor. Every vehicle has two different ratings that they advertise, highway and city. The city component takes into account frequently starting and stopping, but neither of these account for stop and go traffic. If you want a truck that gets you more bang for your buck you will want to look for something that gets at least 20 miles to the gallon highway.

After you have taken the safety ratings, load, and fuel efficiency, you have done all the main research you need to do before leaving the house. Make sure to weigh all three options based on what suits your needs the most. Now that you have done your checklist ready, all you need is your check book and a ride to the dealership.

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Buying Used Volvo Online: A Simple Buying Guide

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