Five Things to Do Before Taking a Long Road Trip

If you are planning a long vacation or just driving to visit family then you may be stuck on the road for several hours. No matter where you are heading there are some essential things you must do before getting into the car. Planning your ride makes everything flow a lot smoother and will make for a successful and hassle free journey. This article highlights the top five things you need to do before taking a long road trip.


Plan Your Route

Before even thinking about leaving the house, make sure you have checked and map and know exactly where you are going. You can look at a road map or head online and check your route online. Google Maps, and MapQuest are both great online resources.

Get Your Vehicle Checked

You will need to get your car ready before taking on any long journey. It’s advisable to have a mechanic check everything before you hit the road. Unless you have recently had an oil change it’s recommended that you change it again. Make sure all your water levels are fine, and check the tires.

Be sure to have an emergency car kit on board including jumper cables, flares, tire patching kit, jack, and spare tire. Extra water, a blanket, and some snacks should also be in that kit. That way you are fully prepared should the worst happen.

Clean You Fuel Injector

Fuel injection systems are used in cars to help reduce fuel consumption. If for any reason this becomes blocked or dirty then you could be consuming far more fuel than normal, making for a very expensive trip. Look online at how to use fuel injector cleaner and you can quickly and easily do this before leaving on your journey.

Research Stopping Points

If you are checking your route online you can see an approximation on how long your journey will take, so plan to schedule in some stops to have a drink, eat something and rest. Make sure you are not spending more than four hours at a time driving.

If your trip is really long you may want to consider stopping at some sightseeing spots along the way. You can plan these into your route. Ask yourself whether you need to stop and sleep at a hotel along the way or a camping ground. It’s dangerous to just drive and not plan any stopping points, and you need to plan carefully where you are going to stop and have a break. If you are planning an overnight stay then be sure to book in advance. Depending on the time of year some places get booked up quickly.

Pack Smartly

If you are planning a long trip for a long period of time make sure that you pack smartly. Stick with neutral clothing and clothing that you can mix and match to make different outfit combinations. If you are on any prescription drugs make sure you bring enough of them to last the journey. Other drug store items can easily be purchased along the way if necessary.

If you take note of these five things before taking a road trip then you will be well prepared no matter where you are headed.

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