Engage Your Audience with These Tips and Tricks

Are your webcasts boring? If your audience can’t help but yawn throughout your webinars, if audience participation is always low, then you have a definite problem on your hands. No need to panic, though. Engaging your audience is easy if you know what to do. With a little time, foresight and a couple of handy tips, you can turn things around. Here’s how:

Provide value

People love it when they learn something new. So provide content that your customers will love. How-to guides and tutorials work best in this case. If you sell a range of makeups, skincare solutions and beauty products, go ahead and ask well-known makeup artists to host tutorials on how to get the perfect smudge-free makeup or teach them about a 10-step skin regimen to help them keep their faces bright and acne-free. Be an expert on issues, problems and topics that matter to them. This is sure to win your audience over in no time.

Be clear

Make sure your audience understands you perfectly. Send a clear message. Organize your thoughts well before hand and if you have to use slides or do a presentation, keep them short. Your audience has an attention span of only 30 minutes. So if you keep at it too long, you’ll lose them. Don’t forget to send any essential materials to your audience well ahead of time as well. That’s going to help them prepare for the meeting, ensuring they get them into the proper state of mind.

Entertain them

No one wants to attend a 40-minute boring webinar. So make it entertaining. Adding humor to your presentation is a good way to make that happen. Humor helps people shake off their disinterest, helps them dig into the discussion and listen. If you can make your audience laugh, you have a much better chance of successfully engaging them throughout the rest of your webinar.

Take advantage of features

Handy content-sharing features make it easy for you to engage your audience. Sending free material over can get a few more customers to sign up. It can also make the discussions easier. You can ask your audience to participate by answering a short survey or set of questions and then discussing the answers in depth throughout the webinar. Just make sure you find a good and reliable interface you can use. Check for video quality as well. HD clarity ensures optimum visuals, the kind your audience will love. Interactive all hands meetings with services like BlueJeans are a good option, in this case. With HD clarity, you and your audience will have a much better video experience to look forward to.

Do Q&As

Nothing interests customers more than having issues or questions they’ve always wondered about finally answered. So get to know your audience better by talking about areas of concern, problems and a whole slew of issues. This can help straighten out any number of misunderstandings to put your customers’ minds at ease. Done right, it can also get you a lot of new customers. Just make sure you get the right person on your team to handle the Q&A. That or have someone at the helm, with a few other people on your team pitching in to help. That’s how excellent team work could help you put together a successful Q&A, one where a great deal of your audience are fired up, passionate and engaged.

Get their feedback

Getting feedback is a crucial step, says Forbes. So don’t skip it. People are more engaged when you ask for feedback or questions all throughout the webinar. It keeps the audience on their toes. It also gives you and your team points on what you’re doing wrong, what things or practices appeal to audiences and not. So you have a better idea of what direction to take for the next round of web casts.

Show them the data

Data or statistics can add much needed credibility to your webinar and make your audience sit up and notice. But don’t expect them to fall all over mere words. It can get pretty boring to just listen to someone spout one fact after another. So spice up your webinar by presenting your data in different ways: from calculations and quizzes to images. You and your audience will have a much better time that way.

Make it interactive

If you can, go with a system that allows your audience to play with the data. That should encourage interest and engagement throughout your presentation. By allowing them to go deeper into the data, consumers can look forward to interacting and connecting with other audience members in a deeper way.

So make sure you keep your audience interest high throughout your company webinars and meetings. With these tips, you’ll have a pretty good idea what to do and where to start.