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universal_soul_loveSpirituality and spiritualism helps us in ways we are not even aware about. They make us peaceful, calm our minds, and create an overall positive outlook towards life. I got in touch with a few transformational leaders who introduced me to a talk show that broadcasts talks and speeches by spiritual leaders.

Spirituality benefits us in ways we are not even aware of. It makes us gracious and passionate towards others, and spiritual people flourish more. They believe in self-actualization. Individuals who follow spirituality take time out every day to reflect on their daily activities and ultimately work on building memories. After following spirituality, I find myself in a better position in life. I have more positive relationships and a higher self-esteem. I have become more optimistic and have a true meaning in my life.

There is a show called Universal Soul love hosted by David and Lana Love. It revolves around the idea of New World Paradigm. The hosts aim to raise the global conscious. These areas focused on certain aspects of a person’s life that directly or indirectly affects them and the people around them. One of the primary motives of the show was to increase spiritual awareness and personal growth. The show also aimed to explore the mysteries of the hidden universe, some answers that people get only by invoking a sense of spiritual awakening. The show was concerned about the environment and hence talked about protecting the environment and the natural resources. The show wanted the audience to be self-sustainable in whatever they did. They hence focused on developing living communities that were self-sustaining.

Universal love also promoted the idea of personal empowerment amongst people, especially women. Some women are independent, strong and full of confidence, but when it comes to relationships they feel like a failure. This show is about all such women. It basically aims to help women overcome the Cinderella complex so that they can easily understand the laws of the land that affect their marriage, lives, work, and children. This programme helped me overcome my fears and apprehension about relationships. It taught me the true meaning of personal empowerment. After a bad relationship I had become a weak soul when it came to getting involved with somebody. I reclaimed my personal power and evolved as a stronger person than what I used to be.

Universal Soul Love talk show encouraged me to get empowered in life again after a downfall. I got motivated to maintain the essence of all the personal relationships I had. It empowered people to regain their personal power and also reunified the divine feminism essence and sacred masculine source. The hosts of the show are renowned spiritualists and hypnotists. They are currently focusing on empowering people to develop effective personal success strategies. They spread their message and awareness by writing articles on metaphysical, philosophical and spiritual topics. They also appear on the media to talk about their show- Universal soul love. They are also world renowned authors and are known to be extremely sensitive towards missing, abused and neglected children. They are passionate people who want to promote civil liberties, animal rights and environmental protection.

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