How to Get on Your College Professor’s Good Side

Your professor in college will be your ally in many ways. Not only will your professor bestow upon you invaluable knowledge in the field you are studying – he or she could also become your mentor and your connection to a career. This is why you want to get on your professor’s good side. Of course, you don’t want to do this just to secure a good reference, or to do better in class, you want to do it for the sake of broadening and getting the most from your education. When it comes to getting on your professor’s good side, you want to avoid becoming the teacher’s pet, but if you heed a few words of advice, you should be able to develop a comfortable teacher to student relationship.

Know the Requirements

When you start a course in college, you always want to pay attention to the syllabus. It will tell you everything – from how the professor wants you to format papers to when there will be exams. If you want to get on your professor’s good side, you always want to adhere to these requirements – even if they are vastly different from other course requirement.

Stay Engaged in Class

When you are in class, you want to stay engaged. This means that you want to be up front, and you always want to be listening – even if you don’t want to. The more engaged you are in class, the more the professor will know that you are interested. If your engagement is authentic, it can really help you make a connection with your professor. If you are not engaged, it will look like you don’t really care.

Do Well On Exams

Of course, another way to impress your professors is to do well on your exams. Whether you are going to USC Online or University of Houston, you want to be sure that you study for your exams long in advance. On game day, you want to be amped up to ace your exams. This means not pulling all-nighters – if you studied long enough in advance, you can be in a position where you don’t have to stay up all night to study.

Take Advantage of Office Hours

Most professors have office hours. These are hours where your professor is in his or her office doing paperwork or eating lunch. This is the best time to see your professor, because you will be able to ask questions, talk about the course and find out if you can do anything better. Most professors develop stronger relationships with students that visit during office hours.

Ask a Lot of Questions

On top of everything, you want to be sure that you ask a lot of questions. This will show that you are curious. Of course, in most other facets of your life, asking a lot of questions will be annoying, but your professors come to expect it and even encourage it, because it will help you learn more in the course – and it will help you get closer to the professor.

Alternatives to Embarking on a Career After College

Many people feel a sense of shame if they don’t actually fall into a career or get a job after college. However, there are a lot of things you can do after college that aren’t considered career oriented – and they aren’t shameful pursuits. Of course, some people may look at you cockeyed, especially if you spent a lot of money on college, but if you don’t feel like falling into your career is a smart idea, you may want to get a fresh perspective on life. There is a plethora of pursuits that you can focus on – outside of the job market. When you are ready, your experiences may actually strengthen your hiring potential. Here are some alternatives.

Go Traveling

One alternative to embarking on a career after college is to go traveling. Sure, this may seem frivolous, but traveling can actually broaden your perspective of the world. Moreover, you may pick up another language if you stay in a location long enough. When you do apply for a job, knowing a second language will be a huge boon, especially if it is a popular or in demand language, like Spanish or Arabic.

Start Your Own Business

Another alternative is to actually start your own business. Starting your own business can be an ideal substitute to finding a career, because you will be doing your own thing. The benefits of being your own boss beat out all the benefits of joining the rat race. Not only will you be able to grow something from scratch – you will also get to experiment and possibly make a lot of money. Who knows, you may even sell your business early in life and then retire.

Get an Internship

If you aren’t ready to commit to a job and all the trappings of a career, you may want to intern. Getting an internship is advantageous in many different ways. For one thing, you can get your foot in the door of the industry you want to get into. Moreover, you can decide if that industry is right for you. If you went to University of Cincinnati, or maybe University of Houston, for a business or accounting degree, you may realize that this career path is not the right one for you. Indeed, getting an internship may save you from getting stuck in a career.


Right now, the world is in need of volunteers. There are countless organizations around the world in need for people’s service and kindness. Of course, you won’t get paid for your volunteer work, but you will find yourself helping others, which can be spiritually enriching.

Try the Military

On top of everything, you may want to think about entering the military. If you join the military, you don’t necessarily have to go to battle – you can work in systems communication right here at home, or you may be able to work as a medic. In the end, with a college degree, you can do a lot for the military and the people serving your country.

Treatment and Prevention Options for Bedwetting

There’s nothing worse than having to watch your child suffer. Bedwetting occurs when a child is unable to control his or her bladder. If your child consistently wets the bed, then it’s possible that some form of treatment is needed. This behavior is normal during the potty training phase, but if this continues after five or six years old, then it mightbe cause for concern. In some cases, home treatment is all that’s needed to help children get through their bedwetting.

If home treatment isn’t helping, then additional assistance will have to be obtained. It’s important to seek medical advice from your pediatrician as this could be a sign that your child has a health condition. Medical treatments can be used to help your child wet the bed less frequently or help them wake up whenever they need to go.

Treatment by Age

Treatment is determined by the age of your child. There are certain treatments that are best suited for children of a specific age range. When you take your child to the doctor, they will recommend a treatment based on your child’s age. Another factor the doctor will determine is your attitude about the bedwetting. It’s easier for the child to learn how to control their bladder when they feel as though the process is normal. You, the parent, play a significant role in encouraging and comfortingyour child during this process.

Available Treatment Options

There are three main treatments recommended by doctors, which include:

  1. Motivational Therapy: This is when the parent uses encouragement, rewards and motivation to help the child control their bed wetting. This requires you to refrain from punishing the child whenever they wet the bed.
  2. Moisture Alarms: These are worn on the child when they go to bed. When urine touches their clothing, an alarm sounds to wake them up. This is best used for older children.However, if your child shares a room with siblings then this treatment options may not be plausible.
  3. Desmopressin and Tricyclic Antidepressants: When children take these medications, it increases how much urine the bladder can hold or it causes the kidneys to release less urine.

You can also buy a reusable bed underpad to use throughout the treatment. Medical intervention should be considered if bedwetting is affecting your child’s self-esteem or negatively impacting their schoolwork or social life. In some cases, a combination of treatment is used.

Preventing Bedwetting

Aside from being a supportive parent during this trying time, there are different steps you can take to help prevent your child from wetting the bed:

  • Reducing the amount of fluid your child drinks two hours before they go to bed, especially sodas and tea that have caffeine.
  • Requiring your child to use the restroom before he or she goes to sleep.
  • Setting a goal for your child to wake up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom rather than focusing on staying dry the whole night.
  • Ensuring your child has quick and easy access to the toilet. If needed, install night lights.
  • Give your child rewards when he or she doesn’t wet the bed.

Essay Writing Success Without Any Stress

If you are stressing over your next essay writing assignment go online to find help. Consider using some or all of the resources a dissertation writing service offers.  Such sites offer a full range of writing assistance including bibliographies, research, essay writing, proofing, editing and more. Following the tips below can help you increase confidence in your writing skills and reduce your level of anxiety.

images (9)

Most students find essay writing overwhelming.  Students worry that they will not have enough to write. Fortunately, there is an easy process and formula for essay writing that will make the whole assignment much easier than you can imagine.


The pre-writing phase is where you do your creative thinking.  It is also the phase where you outline your ideas and organize your thoughts.

Sometimes the teacher will provide an essay question or a writing prompt to get you started thinking about a topic.  If your teacher gave you a prompt or essay question read it over several times to make sure you understand what the prompt or question is asking you to address in your essay.

If you can choose your own topic begin by brainstorming three subjects that you would enjoy researching and learning more about. Write them down.  For each topic write down three supporting statements about the topic.  Choose the subject that you have the most information to talk about and that you feel most passionate about.


Once you choose your topic the next step is to create your thesis statement.  This is the most important sentence in the whole essay because it tells your readers why you are writing the essay. It explains to the reader what they should be looking for and what they should learn from your paper.  There is a simple formula you can use to help draft a thesis statement for any type of literary analytical essay.

Title + Author + Active Verb (suggests, argues, asserts) that ______________ (your argument).

Writing the Introduction

The introduction consists of three elements.  A sentence that grabs the reader’s attention (the hook), your thesis sentence and one or two background information sentences that explain how you will present your topic.

Body Paragraphs

There is a specific formula for writing a body paragraph and it goes like this:

Topic sentence + detail + commentary+ closing sentence

The topic sentence addresses the specific purpose of the paragraph. The detail provides evidence that supports the main point you make in your topic sentence. Evidence can be statistics, quotes, or examples. The commentary explains why you used the examples you used.  The commentary addresses the question of what does the example prove and why it is relevant.  The closing sentence summarizes how the paragraph supports your thesis statement.

The Conclusion

The conclusion restates your main argument and again answers the question “what” and addresses the importance of your thesis statement. It is a good place to challenge your readers to think about the purpose and significance of your essay.

Post Writing

Before you submit your essay read it over carefully and check for any grammar, punctuation and spelling errors. It is a good idea to have someone else double check it also. Make your corrections and read for a final time to ensure everything is correct and you are done.

Leadership Efficiency Affects Organizational Effectiveness

When a specific aim is accomplished by an individual with the employment of certain strategies and techniques it is known as an able leadership. It is the collection processes that this particular person uses tactfully to get the work done and thereby help in the effective functioning of an organization. The work of a leader is not just sitting in the chair and giving out orders. Instead, the leader has to chalk out the plans, ensure the presence of the resources, allocate those resources and make the rectifications where ever necessary.

The qualities of a good leader is well known by Dr. Douglas Reeves who is the founder of the Leadership and Learning Center. He has the experience of working globally with educational institutions, non- profit organizations, government institutions, business organizations, etc. He is a very well established person in the academic field too. In fact, he has authored several books on how to change the education and academic field, in order to nurture more and more successful students.

Any good and efficient leader will make plans that are fool proof and can be easily improvised depending on the situations and outcomes. He/ she will make sure that the resources too are in right quantity and quality, also that the resources should not by any means come in the way of a successful result. The leader if well experienced and qualified will be able to identify the defects of the organization and correct them even before the problem arises and will always device plans to stay on guard.

This efficient and effective leadership should be present at all levels of an organizations to secure its bright future. Planning is one of the strongest weapons of a good leader. Whatever the organization intends to achieve can be done only after it is planned out how to go about the aim. This planning is not just verbal but it involves the putting of these plans into actions as well. Any good planning reverberates the qualities of a good leader, who has the entire concept all clearly sketched in his/her brain and can easily put it down in black and white. The ideal sort of plan involves minimum expenditure of labor, time and cash in return of which is got maximum output.

Dr. Douglas Reeves who is a globally known figure for his contributions to the world of education, is very aware of the need for A-class leadership skills in the successful running of an organization and has thus been able to write many articles and books on the effect leadership has in an organization.

Any able leader will not do away with the ethical standards of an organization in the bid to achieve its goals, and this can be done by organizing the work correctly. It is not just enough to see that the resources are available, but also to ensure the proper utilization of them. Selecting the right resources and then directing your staff in the appropriate way to use those resources, also encompass the responsibilities of a leader. This is the most visible sign of a leader in an organization.

Monitoring the way your staff carries out your directions, comes as the last step of effective leadership in an organization. If all these things are properly maintained by a person he/she will definitely be recognized as an able leader affecting the organization’s effectiveness.

Future Prospects in the Aviation Industry

Over the years the air-transport aviation industry has grown at a rapid pace and it includes all the various spheres of commercial airlines. With the growth and advancement of technology and rapid globalization in this modern world, the airline industry has emerged as one of the fastest growing industries in the world. The upward trend in both travel and aviation industries has led to an increase in job opportunities in the travel, airline and hospitality industries. With the increase in urbanization, there will be a constant demand for qualified and trained people in aviation careers.

North Star Aviation Mankato MN is an ideal place for schooling and training in aviation as the young students here do not just get a basic flight training and a degree, they are enlightened by the experience of the military and commercial, who are employed here as trainers and instructors. This aviation academy has emerged owing to their increasing demand for expertise and skill in aviation fields. They groom the careers of these young people and chisel their minds. Most important, they have specialized training programs for those who aspire to become Flight Attendants. They have mentioned some basic criteria which are essential for having a career in this aviation industry.

It is a must to have sound education- If your choice of career is aviation, then you need to educate and skill yourself to excel in this vast challenging field. There are unlimited career options in this field and you are required to gain knowledge and skills from a recognized institute in order to pursue them. You should be aware of the number of job options available before you choose a particular field from the airline industry. Once you have identified the field you are willing to work in, you need to have the expertise and educational qualifications required for that field. Most of the careers in this field require sound computer knowledge and strong arithmetic skills.

Pilot Training Lessons- At the start, pilot training is required in small aircraft only and hence do not limit your airline career by applying only at major airlines and large airports. Even local and small airports situated across the country also provide excellent career and job opportunities. They also have supplies of pilots and aircraft and the space for private hangers and are also easily available.

Air Force training would be the obvious choice, if your inclination is towards military aviation. To become a military pilot, you need to undergo full-fledged training and education in college. North Star Aviation Mankato MN.  offers ROTC training which is an extensive college program by which one can gain the knowledge of becoming a military pilot.

In order to become a commercial pilot, you must have the required qualification to obtain a CPL which is commercial pilot license. This also involves theory examinations and many hours of flying. You can also obtain skilled and professional training for other mechanical jobs such as aircraft repair and acquire the necessary skills needed. Air traffic control is another lucrative and promising career option in the airline industry.

Making attractive resume


English is one of the most popular languages that are spoken by majority of world’s population. It is important for people who are interested in applying for jobs to learn English and write their resume in English language. Making resume needs some time of candidate and he must collect all information about making good and sound resume. Two commonly used languages between people for purpose of exchanging and communicating words are English and Spanish. English is used in most of the educational institutes around the world as a medium of learning and communicating. Spanish has also become popular around the world in recent years. Many top educational institutes are using Spanish after English as a medium of teaching and exchanging. People who are searching for jobs and are concerned about their careers they learn both English and Spanish. This helps them in real life when they need to design their resumes. Click here on resume star and you will get variety of designs and sample for writing a good resume.

Increased competition

In modern world the level of competition between jobs has increased much that people do maximum efforts for getting job at a good place. Due to increased competition candidates can’t lose their chance only due to poor resume. Students have invested their time, efforts and money to achieve good quality education so that would provide them better career opportunities. When students leave universities and they need to search for jobs they have to make a good resume at first step. A resume allows the, to apply at different organizations and institutes. Resumes are known it build first impression of the applicant is any organization. So candidates must follow proper instructions and guidelines for making a good resume. Just due to bad resume candidates can’t afford to miss their chance of getting good job.

Writing proper resume

In recent world a good language has become a necessary skill for candidates and that is the basic requirement of the organizations as well. Proper use of language and grammar will provide candidates edge over other candidates who lack vocabulary and language skills. Having knowledge of two languages further provides advantage to the candidate. English and Spanish are requirements of multinational organizations so candidates who possess knowledge of these languages have better chances of getting selected.

Resume writing services

There are many online services that offer good resumes to candidates according to their need and requirements. Click here on the resume star and get a good resume in less time. The services are provided against minor charges and candidates gets a high quality resume that helps his getting job at good place.

Basics of resume

Resume considered the bio data of the candidate that includes his objective for applying at certain place, his academic qualifications, experience, skills and achievements. The way candidate presents his bio data on resume matters a lot to the organizations. Organizations find those resume more interesting that are having a cover letter. Better resume increases chances of candidate getting better job.

Insider Tips for Writing the Perfect College Application Essay

Application essays play an extremely important role in your college admission process. Your grades are important too, but the quality of the essay may be a very special decision-maker point. The application essays are extremely powerful personal statements that help admission officers understand who you are, what you do, and why you are the best candidate to join their college.

As part of their application process, each college requires that you write such an essay. Some colleges require you to write a short presentation essay, while others ask for essays several pages long. Regardless of the requirements, writing your admission essay is really that point that can help you impress the admission officers. If you need help, Essayontime essay writing team can help you craft a powerful essay.

The Do’s of writing your admission essay

  1. Write short and to the point. Work on impressing the reader but also inform him about your strengths in a light and slightly amusing tone
  2. Always be yourself; don’t pretend
  3. Write a presentation of yourself in a humbling manner. You should not ‘brag’ about anything
  4. Provide short and concise answers to all questions you need to address within the essay
  5. Write in apositive manner, and use your most intelligent resources and words to get the message across.
  6. Make proof you are genuinelyinterested in that respective college and the classes you want to follow
  7. Reveal inan intelligent manner the contrasts about yourself. For example, you are a born athlete who loves beautiful poems. Or, you are a football player who is a great fan of literature.
  8. Before sending in your essay, get a second opinion. Give your essay to family members and friends to read it.
  9. Always let your essay ‘sit’ for 48 hours before you make the final edits and the proofreading
  10. Reveal things that you consider important about yourself-a learning difficulty you are struggling with, a life challenge you have went through, etc.

The Don’ts of writing your admission essay

  1. Rambling and stuffing your essay with unnecessary words, phrases ad ideas.
  2. Being arrogantin your writing tone is the worst you can do to yourself!
  3. Writing about what people want to hear, rather than writing about who you really are, or what you really want from life. An honest opinion is way much better than a ‘brilliant’ presentation that is not true
  4. Ignoring the instructions given for the essay
  5. Being disrespectful and negative in your writing tone
  6. Lying about your life, condition, wishes or desires. Sooner or later everything comes out to light.
  7. Writing your essay without editing and proofreading it to perfection.
  8. Using the exact same phrases and words throughout the essay. It can become extremely boring.
  9. Giving the impression you know what you talk about…when in fact you have no idea.
  10. Trying to impress the reader by using words that you do not even understand the meaning of. A skilled eye can immediately catch the fake intention.

Your application essay is your mirror. Consider it as a reflection of who you are in reality, a representation of your best self. Follow the instructions closely, and take your time to write the essay. Think of your essay as your business card to success, and invest quality time into researching the best tips on how to write a successful personal statement.

What to Consider Before You File for Divorce

Divorce is a difficult and painful thing to endure on an emotional level, and the various legal aspects of divorce can make it equally hard to go through in a physical sense. Divorce isn’t something people usually take lightly, but in spite of (or, perhaps, because of) the gravity of the situation, sometimes people thinking of filing for divorce overlook certain aspects of the legal process of divorce. Don’t be one of them—here are a few of the most important things you need to consider before you file for divorce.

Property division

The division of personal and real property is one major factor to consider when you are thinking of getting a divorce. Depending on where you live, some property acquired during and even before marriage may not belong solely to you and you may need the assistance of a legal professional in determining who gets what, whether it’s the home you live in or the furniture inside of it. Even pet animals are often considered property, and where they will live after the divorce is something that must be accounted for and agreed upon during the divorce proceedings.

Spousal support

Spousal support or “alimony” may be a factor in a divorce where one of the partners provided a certain level of financial support for a certain period of time to the other partner during the marriage. In many cases, a non-working spouse could be entitled to receiving spousal support from the working spouse even after the marriage has been dissolved. The division of monies that were both of yours during the marriage—and who will get what from whom—is something to consider before filing for divorce.

Custody agreements and child support

Divorces involving the parents of minor children call for a custody agreement. Custody may be granted to one parent full-time, be divided half-and-half between both parents, or be divided in another way—for example, children may spend the school year with one parent and the summer months with the other parent. How child custody will be divided is something that should be mulled over, and may need to be battled out in the courts.

Child support may also need to be taken into consideration, as a parent who has partial custody or no custody may be ordered to pay a certain amount of money to the former spouse each month for the purposes of providing financial support for the children. Not everyone seeks or is entitled to child support; each divorce case and custody arrangement is unique and there are many factors that play into how custody and child support cases end up.

If you are thinking of getting divorced

If you are considering a dissolution of marriage, think about how these factors may affect your case. If you find yourself with more questions than answers, don’t hesitate to reach out to a family law attorney. Lawyers who specialize in family law can help you get the answers you need to your legal questions about divorce, and can help you build a case if you think you may need legal assistance during your divorce proceedings.

Prepare For Takeoff: Why Training Is Absolutely Necessary For a Career in Aviation

The aviation industry provides many different career opportunities to qualified individuals. These careers cover many different aspects of aviation. People can train to become pilots or they may study or train to get qualified in the multitude of ancillary services that the aviation industry uses. Now, people in Greensboro NC have access to numerous different training facilities, including flight training, under the umbrella of Aviation Triad. Some of the best-known aviation roles are outlined below.

1. Becoming a pilot

There are many different categories of pilot. Private pilots obtain licenses to allow them fly aircraft for pleasure. Those who want to get paid for flying undertake additional training. All pilots start off with the same basic training course. They must learn about many different aspects of flying, and the theory will cover topics like meteorology, navigation, aircraft systems, flight dynamics, aviation law, and human factors in aviation.

Pilots also undertake practical flying lessons in conjunction with the theory. They will receive many hours of instruction in the air, eventually leading to solo flying. They will have to pass airborne practical tests and written examinations before they receive their pilot’s license. For commercial flying, qualified pilots need to undertake extensive additional theory and practical training. They must learn instrument flying, and how to fly multi-engine aircraft. They must also build up many hours of flying, both in an aircraft and on a simulator.

2. Aircraft maintenance

Aircraft maintenance is a vital part of aviation, and those who are charged with the task have to undergo very specialist training. Aircraft maintenance tasks include testing and repairing or replacing aircraft parts. This could range from replacing an entire jet engine to repairing damaged surfaces.

3. Airport fire crew

Safety is very important in aviation, and airport fire crew need extensive, specialized training that prepares them to cope with all kinds of deadly scenarios. They must learn how to control fires in airplanes, and how to rescue passengers and crew if an incident occurs. Airport fire crew have been responsible for saving the lives of many thousands of people since the first flight took place in 1903.

4. Airport security

Airport security is a challenging and rewarding role, with personnel having to face ever-changing threats from terrorists. Airport security staff are the first line of defense against these threats.

The FAA governs aviation, and you can learn more about qualifications, licenses and certifications needed for aviation industry roles on their website.