Positive dreams becomes success and level of creativity designs them

 Dream, dream, dream, dreams become your thoughts, thoughts become your actions and actions convert into success! As per the wordings of famous personalities positive thinking results into good success but this positive thinking originates with the level of creativity. Creativity defines human imagination and this creativity develops the inherent talent which in future turns to success. Creative writing is defined as combination of art of sorts, the art of building up things together. This creative writing is writing in an attractive way to get the attention of audience, but this is not done academically as well as technically. Creative writing is writing the original experience which is much self-expressive. Writing in news letter cannot be creative as it describes the real time event whereas a story or a fairy tale can be creative if it is done with much imagination. Imagination is the basis of creative writing and a degree will yield a good discipline.

 Creative writing describes a person’s creativity level and its purpose is to share human experience and to entertain people. There are different types of creative writing and some include poetry, plays, movie and television, Fiction, songs, speeches and essays. Some techniques in creative writing include Character development, point of view, Figures of speech, imaginative language and heavy description. To encourage this creative writing, there are many universities which provide Creative writing degree and B.A is the degree course provided for which will encourage the study of students. The arts and social studies which is the basis of Bachelor of Arts provide degree certificate for creative writing.

 The arts degree supports for Creative writing and encourages the additional talent of creativity which inherits in a person to develop their talents and proves them to be useful. The Creativity level is within reach of every individual and finding it with a spark and igniting it explores a new world and can obtain maximum heights in this field. The creative writing includes various fields with metaphor and simile of poetry, fictional plays with imaginary characters and movie script with additional fairy tales, songs with animations and essays with high imagination. The various techniques includes Character development with creator’s own imagination, dialogue, figures of speech, own language with imagination. Various universities provide courses and some features with this course dal include Flexibility where the degree program is much flexible and high range of choices throughout Canada.

Next comes the creative thinking along with communication skills, in addition to study we will learn to think critically as well as creatively which plays a key role to creative writing. The creative writing degree is much helpful and plays a vital role for curricular importance as it establishes an inborn talent of creativity. Degree tells about one’s study and earns respect amongst fellow people and the same degree in creativity will tell about the mind imagination and has a very big scope now as well as towards future. The creative writing establishes a person’s dream as well as imagination and proves worthy for a study as degree.

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