4 Tips for Better Company Leadership Utilizing Video

Leadership is key when it comes to growing a company, and fostering employees who will rise to the role when necessary is all about strengthening self-empowerment and avenues of communication. This is where video conferencing comes in, which not only allows employees to connect across a huge spectrum, but also changes up how people think of their workplace. Allowing employees autonomy, such as the ability to work remotely or meet on the go, is a good first step in encouraging leadership skills. Here are four tips for how you can improve potential for effective leadership in your company using the right communication tools.

Company-wide Meetings and Seminars

One feature of BlueJeans enterprise web and videocasting that’s especially useful in contributing toward breaking down barriers between key company leaders and employees is the ability to have a two-way interface when audience members are given moderator level speaking privileges on the fly. This means that the wall between audience and presenter is broken down and made porous. Whether you’re dealing with 100 audience members or 10, the idea behind this type of webcasting is the ability to interface actively. This is key when you’re trying to build up leadership, empower employees, and strengthen personal relationships in the company. In the end, you’ll see quantifiable results when you more effectively groom new leaders and improve productivity with more engaged employees.

Set the Tone of Company Culture

According to Tweak Your Biz, one of the most important methods that defines strong leadership is setting the tone of how business will get done and company culture at the very beginning. This can also include the type of communication methods that you’ll expect employees to use. Video conferencing is an important part of allowing employees to work remotely, or simply streamlining meeting tactics for project teams. While you may encounter a new hire who expects there to be more traditional in-person meetings in a conference room, letting that person know that business isn’t done that way in your company from the start is important. A good way to set up video as an expectation in everyday business affairs is to interview candidates via video conferencing. Whether the position you’re hiring for is completely remote or on-site, this will set up a particular expectation from the beginning.

Establishing and Teaching Trustworthiness

Whether you’re dealing with colleagues or clients, trust is one of the most lucrative currencies in business. According to Business 2 Community, when 75,000 people were asked about the quality that makes leadership most effective, the most popular answer was honesty. While this isn’t particularly surprising, accepting the quality as important, versus living it, are two very different things. In order to inspire trust and loyalty in other people, you need to live by example. This is also what makes for strong leadership and establishes a model for how employees are expected to function within their work environment, in relation to coworkers, and while engaged in daily tasks. Once employees trust the leaders in your business, then the example inevitably trickles down. This can be hastened by using video platform and broadcasting model behavior and leadership tactics across many channels, reaching many employees. For example, if you have an excellent manager who’s good at rallying people, by having dozens of employees join a videocast across the company, it allows you to bring that message to a broader platform.

Seeing Everyone Eye to Eye

If you’re at the helm of a large company or managing a large department, it can be difficult to see who’s excelling that works for you. While this is much easier in a small business environment, or a startup that’s still in the first phases of growth, once your business takes on more staff it can be difficult to gauge where your true team strengths lie. Using video allows you to interact on a large scale with multiple employees, facilitating a dialogue between the new person hired last week and the career manager who’s been with you since the beginning. While this dialogue allows lucrative morale and relationship building to take place, it also allows you to take stock of who’s doing the best job. Interacting with as many employees as possible and trading ideas and feedback is a surefire way to identify who in your organization is poised for promotions, which is much more difficult if you don’t have video to access your entire staff.

Leadership in a face to face context is no longer enough in an age when there is extensive potential for better communication and a larger platform for information to be dispersed. Using video conferencing is the perfect gateway to spreading model management strategies and bringing up the leadership of the future that already exists in your company. Collaboration is also key, allowing natural go-getters to take leadership roles within departments or project-specific teams, using video to transcend geography and removing the barrier of needing to be on-site to exercise leadership prowess. The bottom line is that video amplifies leadership messages and communication at a minimal, scalable cost, and leadership is one of the most important elements that leads to success in your industry.