File-Sharing Technology-Benefits and Risks

Summary: When making use of file sharing applications you should be vigilant about your security. Here are some tips to help you.

Sharing of information over the internet is one of the most important features of the net. There was a time when information and researches were confined by the geographical boundary. But the scenario has entirely changed now with a click of a button you can share any amount of information to anyone anywhere in the world. Thanks to the file sharing technologies it is possible to share information. But as many IT support Tampa services warn there can also be risks involved with the use of these services if you are not wise to use them properly. Here in this discussion we will detail the file sharing technologies for you.

The Risks

We all know that Peer to Peer file sharing systems have made our lives so easy. Here are some potential risks:

Malicious Code

We all know how much a malicious code can harm our systems the file sharing systems are vulnerable to P2P malicious application sharing which can execute a malicious code for spyware, viruses, worms, Trojan horses putting your security at risks.

Leaked personal information

When sharing information using P2P applications you are allowing them access to your personal information. It can be because these applications have access to some of the directories on your system. This can cause others to access your confidential information by unauthorized people. Major problem is there is no certain way to find out which application is accessing this data which raises another security concern.

Attack Susceptibility

P2P applications are also known to cause intrusion in firewall and Windows Defender causing security vulnerabilities. Even some of these applications are known to penetrate into firewall setting and modify it without your knowledge.

Denial of service

Sometimes the P2P applications can intrude into your personal information and use it for the most common Denial of Services attack. Here your personal data is altered leading to denial to your own resources.

The Prevention

Now as you are aware of the potential risks it is now time you know about the prevention methods. Most of the IT consulting companies advice:

  • Make use of best antivirus software
  • Always keep firewall enables
  • Never install an application on your system that is patched or cracked

These are some tips which will keep you safe while sharing information online.

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