Why Do Large Truck Accidents Happen?

Whenever talking about vehicle collisions, those that involve trucks are the ones that are the most dangerous and that create the more damage. It is normal to be fearful of trucks and when driving you are mostly interested in understanding how to avoid the situation in the first place. According to a truck accident attorney Salt Lake City, most of the truck accidents are causing injuries that are long lasting and the legal processes associated are really tough to deal with.

Statistics Of Importance

In the US alone there are around 4,000 people that die in truck accidents every single year. Close to 100,000 are injured. Around 17 to 20 percent of all the truck accidents are going to involve a fatality. This is definitely something that should not be taken lightly. We tend to think that truck accidents are not common but that is not actually the case. Even if there are less trucks than small vehicles on the roads, any truck accident brings in serious damage to individuals and properties.

Why Do Truck Accidents Happen?

A truck driver is in charge of a really heavy and large vehicle. This means that extra caution is always a necessity. Big rig drivers or a trucking company can become negligent. If this happens and accidents happen, serious repercussions appear. The most common of the truck accident causes are the following:

  • An Overloaded Truck – We have special federal and state laws that highlight the weight that a large truck can have. There are also specific laws that will indicate the weight distribution that is necessary for every single axle. The reason why the laws exist is to guarantee road safety. When the laws are not respected, a truck accident is bound to happen. Companies that try to increase profits by overloading trucks are particularly at fault in many cases.
  • Fatigued Drivers – Unfortunately, this is another cause that is normally associated with the desire of a trucking company to make more money. A large truck driver has to respect specific time based driving rules. When they are not respected and the driver is fatigued, he can become drowsy. Reaction times will be slower and it is a lot easier to become distracted. In so many cases the truck accident happened because the driver did not even realize that something bad would happen.
  • Underride Accidents – A tractor trailer is bigger, taller and heavier than most vehicles. Because of this there is a risk of crashing under trucks. A truck will normally include underride guards along sides and in the back. If these do not exist or are not installed properly, the truck accident can be a lot more serious than it could have been.

Truck accidents mostly happen because of negligence, not because of direct driver fault. Because of this, you need to be aware of the causes and practice due diligence in all cases. It does not matter if you are the driver of a small car or of a truck. Knowing the facts mentioned above helps you remain safer.