Why Do Large Truck Accidents Happen?

Whenever talking about vehicle collisions, those that involve trucks are the ones that are the most dangerous and that create the more damage. It is normal to be fearful of trucks and when driving you are mostly interested in understanding how to avoid the situation in the first place. According to a truck accident attorney Salt Lake City, most of the truck accidents are causing injuries that are long lasting and the legal processes associated are really tough to deal with.

Statistics Of Importance

In the US alone there are around 4,000 people that die in truck accidents every single year. Close to 100,000 are injured. Around 17 to 20 percent of all the truck accidents are going to involve a fatality. This is definitely something that should not be taken lightly. We tend to think that truck accidents are not common but that is not actually the case. Even if there are less trucks than small vehicles on the roads, any truck accident brings in serious damage to individuals and properties.

Why Do Truck Accidents Happen?

A truck driver is in charge of a really heavy and large vehicle. This means that extra caution is always a necessity. Big rig drivers or a trucking company can become negligent. If this happens and accidents happen, serious repercussions appear. The most common of the truck accident causes are the following:

  • An Overloaded Truck – We have special federal and state laws that highlight the weight that a large truck can have. There are also specific laws that will indicate the weight distribution that is necessary for every single axle. The reason why the laws exist is to guarantee road safety. When the laws are not respected, a truck accident is bound to happen. Companies that try to increase profits by overloading trucks are particularly at fault in many cases.
  • Fatigued Drivers – Unfortunately, this is another cause that is normally associated with the desire of a trucking company to make more money. A large truck driver has to respect specific time based driving rules. When they are not respected and the driver is fatigued, he can become drowsy. Reaction times will be slower and it is a lot easier to become distracted. In so many cases the truck accident happened because the driver did not even realize that something bad would happen.
  • Underride Accidents – A tractor trailer is bigger, taller and heavier than most vehicles. Because of this there is a risk of crashing under trucks. A truck will normally include underride guards along sides and in the back. If these do not exist or are not installed properly, the truck accident can be a lot more serious than it could have been.

Truck accidents mostly happen because of negligence, not because of direct driver fault. Because of this, you need to be aware of the causes and practice due diligence in all cases. It does not matter if you are the driver of a small car or of a truck. Knowing the facts mentioned above helps you remain safer.

Go Big the Right Way

Large-scale videoconferencing isn’t simply a matter of upscaling Skype. Running a symposium, a town hall meeting, a training session, or even a discussion panel means managing hundreds of attendees, roster of speakers, and a range of documents and media. Going big the wrong way can make you wish you stayed home, but going think the right way can show your professionalism and technological capabilities, in addition to adding much-needed value to large meetings.

Meetings Suck

One of the reasons that videoconferencing is becoming so popular is simply because meetings suck. Everyone has been in a meeting where they either play Candy Crush or practice the undergraduate art of sleeping with one’s eyes open. Likewise everyone has been on the receiving end of a large video training where it is difficult to ask questions or in a large-scale meeting session where there is little interaction with the speakers. It’s frustrating, exhausting, and somewhat demoralizing simply to be a body in the chair in a room when you could be elsewhere doing something productive. It is time to redefine meetings as productive, engaging, and vital.

Go Cloud the Right Way

Secure videoconferencing within an organization is a vital way to communicate across a wide geographic area, with a variety of workers either on campus, in the field, in different time zones or telecommuting. Going large-scale with your videoconferences takes some assistance from experienced and secure providers such as BlueJeans, which offers its cloud-based Enterprise-level Primetime service. A great deal of paranoia wrongfully surrounds the use of the public cloud when it comes to security. The natural tendency is to want to own and control the servers and systems that comprise an organization’s information technology, and to construct a private cloud network for use by the organization. A number of people point to the hacking of application development company Code Spaces in 2014.

As covered by ThreatPost, a hacker gained access to the company’s data via Amazon EC2 control panel and demanded a ransom, that ransom was not paid and the hacker then proceeded to delete all of the company’s data and backups. Whether this is a commentary on Code Spaces’ security practices or the security of the public cloud is open to question. For most people in information technology, your security is only good if you are following security protocols. Before diving in to the cloud, it’s best to have a parachute in the form of best practices for security. Let’s patch five holes in your security that can lead to disaster.

  1. Dumb passwords. Security Magazine notes a recent study where users used their own first names in the passwords, or some of the top 10 most common words included in passwords. This means hackers don’t have to work hard, but you will once your system is hacked and held for ransom – much like this Hollywood California hospital or the San Francisco BART. Institute a policy of strong passwords, and using a password manager app.
  2. Shakeout your BYOB policy. While it’s easier and more convenient for employees to use their own devices such as laptops, smart phones, and tablets for work it also poses a massive security gap. Possible risks are unsecured networks, hacker friendly passwords, and devices that are lost, stolen, or simply forgotten. Devices can also be rooted, jailbreaking, or infected with apps that piggyback malware or security risks with them. You will need to institute training programs to encourage employees to use heightened security measures on their devices, or you will have to shell out for work-only devices. While the latter option is expensive, the IT department will sleep better at night with a more homogenous range of devices.
  3. Train everyone. Now here is a use for that mass videoconference. In the first place, you can train your staff to use your videoconferencing app, and at the same time train everyone in the security measures that will help to keep your company’s data safe.
  4. Update your hardware. A number of older systems do not support encryption. Unless you want to someday shell out a large ransom in BitCoin, or see your organization’s internal emails plastered all over the media, you need to change this. And it’s not just computing devices, but also the hardware that you are using for your conferencing system such as cameras and microphones.

This list is by no means comprehensive. If you have not had a recent security consultation, you desperately need one and you needed it five minutes ago. In this part of the 21st century, for all companies, data is life. If you lose that data, and lose that security, you will lose your business’ or organization’s reputation. When you’re going big, go big the right way with comprehensive security and applications and policies in place.

Increase Your Company’s Productivity With These 4 Techniques

When it comes to finding the best ways to get ahead in an organization, oftentimes the best solution is to increase revenues and sell more. That being said, sometimes the actual easiest way of getting ahead for any organization is simply to figure out where their leaks are and how they can get just a little bit better at what they do. If you are trying to accomplish more with the same amount as (or less than) before, then you should strongly consider the following options in your company to maximize productivity.

Continue to Train Employees

One of the hardest things you will find in an organization is to force otherwise talented employees who have accumulated years or even decades of experience to struggle when it comes to changes. While it might be silly to see a veteran of the organization having trouble with their email or using the internet, the fact of the matter is that you have a very capable individual who has worked their way up the ladder. Now, they are at the mercy of technology that they don’t understand. Instead of making their job easier, you have actually made it worse. That is even more upsetting when you consider the number of employees who would like to embrace technology if they just knew how. As the Huffington Post describes, it is absolutely imperative to know your older workers before you pass judgement or institute policies on them.

One of the best remedies for this type of situation is to simply continue to offer employees opportunities to learn more about technology within the organization. Not only will they continue to feel like they are a strong part of the organization, but you will also be able to see just how much more effective they can actually become at their job.

Improve Communication

In many organizations around the globe there are constantly issues with communication. This can be extrapolated when it comes to a company that is growing, a company involved in a merger or acquisition, or even just a company that deals with people in multiple time zones. Instead of waiting to see how long it will actually take to communicate with the other party and delay whatever task you are waiting on, it makes a lot more sense to have the option to speak with others. For many, that answer is simply the best video conference for IT by the BlueJeans Network. Not only can you figure out in a short period of time how easy it is to always be connected to others, but you will also be able to give faster response times, have less downtime, and truly see work getting done faster than ever before.

Implement RFID Tags

One of the easiest things for any organization to do is to track their inventory and products better than ever before. With items such as the RFID systems found in inventory management today, you can simply scan individual tags on any pallet, product, or even equipment, and then instantly know where it is in a given warehouse or plant campus in a matter of seconds. The technology that is behind the radio frequency devices isn’t just tremendous for tracking inventory, but when you consider the capabilities of finding equipment or other items in places such as retail, hospitals, or even with multi-component manufacturing facilities, then you can see why a type of tracking system for all of your possessions could eliminate anything being lost as well as give you real time data on how long it takes to move inventory through the operation. As the RFID Arena outlines, there are significant benefits to any sort of radio frequency strategy for tracking.

Cut Hours For Employees

The simple thing about work is that some people believe it extends to match the amount of time you have to do it in. The reality is that when you start to consider an average workday, you know your employees are working hard, but you also know that they are spending some time in any given day on non-work related tasks. That is why some companies have taken the approach to cut hours instead of extend them in the hopes that employees will then be able to work as hard as they can in order to meet their objectives for the day. The truth of the matter is that when you start to think about how effective your employees can be if they are focused, then they will work harder to meet goals. Throw in the fact that they don’t have to work as long so long as they can accomplish what needs to be done, and you can see the tremendous results of your output increasing.

At the end of the day, your employees will continue to do significant amounts of work, but you do need to embrace technology and show them how they can save by doing more with less. The suggested processes listed here may not seem all that intuitive, but they will wind up being some of the best options in terms of output and productivity.

Best Communication Solutions for eCommerce Enterprises

Even though the world of business has continued to ramp up over the years as the internet has led to new growth opportunities and brand new outlets, the fact of the matter is people are starting to realize there are only so many low hanging fruit left on the technological tree to pick from. That is why when it comes to finding the best possible ways to move forward with their operation and their organization, it only makes sense to see one of the best possible video conferencing solutions. Pay attention to the following reasons as to why so many are making communication via the internet their top priority.

Constant Communication Is Everything

In the world of business, you are starting to be able to see a strong shift and a major trend. Over the last decade people and customers of all types wanted to compete on price. It didn’t matter if they had to jump through a hoop and translate their language three times in the process. If someone was going to be able to save a few cents in the process, then they were going to make the switch for the cost savings.

However, the business society that is educating others and growing up today seems to be one that trusts and values strong relationships over time far more than they value a few extra cents. After all, people are not just trying to find the right opportunities to move forward which will give them the best value over time, but they are also trying to think about the business relationships that will give them the least amount of headaches in a given period of time as well, according to Chron. Finding the chance to always be connected to others isn’t just about having some fun new gadgets or apps that you can play around with over the course of the workday. It is about making sure when there is a problem or an issue, you can get the answers you need quickly or demonstrate the value of your company by giving answers to the other party that they desperately need.

Global Communication from Anywhere

While you may be much more comfortable in a given location or with a specific group of people, the one thing that you need to realize about the current business landscape is that talent is everywhere and people are always on the lookout for new customers, suppliers, opportunities, and more. That means you should look outside of your geographic and physical area in order to find new potential resources and you should be doing this all of the time. However, it’s not just about being sure you can actually contact those people or just find them in the first place. What you will want to do is to be sure you can effectively communicate with them early and often.

You may need to feel like you are always on the phone with someone or sending them information and messages all of the time in order to make up for the lack of physical presence. However, when you consider the fact that a service like BlueJeans’ video meeting solution platform is able to have you in front of your audience within just a few seconds, it only makes sense to see if you can have just as good (if not better) communication with someone over a virtual conference than you would have in person.

Always Be Proactive

If you think about any sort of relationship, then you know being proactive versus being reactive is a much better strategy and a much more profitable one. Always being someone behind the eight-ball is something that no-one strives to accomplish. It is also something that can give off a bad vibe and potentially harm your business reputation as well because who wants to work with an individual who doesn’t seem to care about the consequences or the results? However, when you start to consider the powerful possibilities of something like an online video conferencing system then you can see why so many people fall in love with the system. Not only can you be proactive in the sense that you are always touching base with your customers and clients as well as other stakeholders, but even when things happen you can put out the fire quickly as a result.

Instead of continuing to play the game of doing business the old fashioned way, it makes much more sense to simply be able to communicate with others in the new business landscape. It’s not just about adapting so you don’t fall behind, but rather you want to adapt to be a leader and to get ahead. Think about how tapping into the new power of video conferencing technology can help your business today and see why more and more companies are making the switch.