Food as Preventative Medicine

There are so many factors causing health issues today. It’s easy to see that Americans are morbidly obese (in fact, it’s hard not to see it), but there are even more issues concerning us. Heart disease, strokes, stress, cancers, all of these issues can come as a result of lifestyle choices. While some modern diseases are attributable to a lack of physical activity, many come from poor dietary choices.

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It’s so easy to fall into a trap of eating unhealthy food. Once food-related health issues are generated, it’s even easier to succumb to the vast list of prescribed medication attempting to treat those issues. To avoid that fate, start taking care of your health by using food as a preventative medicine. Don’t worry if you’re already on pharmaceutical drugs, you can still use food to help cure some of your illnesses. You just need to read the below and get serious about changing your habits.

It’s important to eat a well-balanced diet. Americans eat far too much meat, so you can probably safely cut your meat intake by fifty percent or more. Not sure what that will look like? Many people think that going on a “diet” means they can no longer enjoy what they eat. Inspiration can come in many forms, but the easiest is to taste test already made food, prepared by professionals. So many people think they have to give up going out to eat when they are trying to eat better, but that’s simply not true. Try the opposite!

Go out and pick the healthiest restaurants you can find. Use their menu as an instructional pamphlet. This will show you what you need to aim for.

If you can successfully change your eating habits, you will be able to stave off so many illnesses. Work some fruits and vegetables into your diet, cut out some empty calories like excessive sugars, and you are well on your way to recovery and well-being!

How to Get Lost Data Back By EaseUs Todo Backup Server

EaseUs is known for creating quality programming, and its Windows server backup software has this recognizable quality. EaseUs to do Backup Server uses circle imaging innovation to bolster productive and practical Windows server reinforcement programming. This product gives propelled instruments, for example, incremental and differential reinforcement, document reinforcement avoidance and hot reinforcement to offer you some assistance with recovering from conceivably calamitous information misfortune. Also, this application offers planning and reporting devices, alongside an assortment of recuperation and rebuilding features. To do’s tabbed interface is anything but difficult to utilize and sorted out by fundamental capacity. The Home tab gives speedy access to straightforward reinforcement and recuperation operations. The Advanced tab takes you right to a percentage of the apparatuses that will do the truly difficult work – components, for example, entire circle or basic parcel and additionally Exchange and SQL server reinforcements. Comparable components are likewise accessible on the Backup and Recovery tabs. This brilliant design spares you significant time.

To do’s Backup tab is the place you can timetable full framework, plate, parcel and even record level reinforcements. Trade and MS SQL server reinforcement controls are additionally accessible. When you select a reinforcement sort, you can set up the parameters of your reinforcement to incorporate scale and recurrence. You can have nonstop information assurance where you require it, and distributed storage and synchronization where you need it.

The Recovery tab permits you to recoup full frameworks, circles, allotments and individual documents. It likewise gives you the choice to spare recouped information to disparate equipment – from a HDD to a SDD, for example. This element can be a lifeline. Simply recollect to have the fitting drivers close by or else the operation could take any longer than you like. Practically as a different element, the Tools tab offers simple access to supportive circle and imaging elements, notwithstanding for tape reinforcements. It is from here that you can smolder a picture to a plate and check its uprightness before wiping the drive, changing over the picture and mounting it as a virtual machine. Furthermore, practically as though it were expected that your Master Boot Record was on that recently designed drive, the Tools tab can likewise be utilized to make a crisis begin circle and also empower Pre OS operations to offer you some assistance with getting a head begin on recuperating that picture to the drive you unintentionally arranged.

You have a few reinforcement media choices accessible in only one bundle with bolster choices for moving down to any organization, from tape drives up to the biggest SSD. Truth be told, Ease Us to do Backup SSD cloning software can move down and recoup information to (and from) about any nearby or system joined drive or gadget, including element plate drives. Ease us gives respectable backing, however numerous reinforcement administrations offer a great deal more far reaching help choices. The product documentation is entirely useful for performing fundamental operations. The online gatherings can answer some of your more unpredictable inquiries, and recordings to offer you some assistance with tackling those bigger assignments are a major help. On the off chance that you need anything past that, email is the main accessible system for reaching client administration.

What issue does it tackle?

From single index reinforcements the distance to clone disk, Ease us to do Backup can deal with pretty much any reinforcement need you can toss at it. You can even mount a reinforcement once it is made to guarantee your records and indexes are sheltered.

Key features

  • Back up to image
  • Back up entire drive
  • Restore image files
  • Clone disk
  • Restore with bootable CD
  • Mount images
  • Validate image files
  • Easy to use wizards


EaseUs to do Backup Server is an easy to use Windows server reinforcement utility. It accompanies a full arrangement of effective apparatuses to offer you some assistance with keeping reinforcements current. While it is exceptionally configurable and gives you an extensive arrangement of assets, the bolster alternatives are to some degree restricted. Be that as it may, to do Backup Server ought to be sufficiently instinctive for a learner client to get a handle on.

How to Recover Data From Mac With Ease US Data Recovery Wizard

Each one of us went up against the loss of data set away in our machines on diverse occasions as a result of distinctive reasons. When we lose the data, a couple of people get alert without knowing how to recuperate the data back and approach experts and a couple of people start scanning for a data recuperation Software when the weight starts thumping their head. The best course is to use a successful Data Recovery Software, better than anything to discharge your wallet to a data recuperation master.

There are such an assortment of Data Recovery programs available for Mac’s, yet only a couple are doing the recovery successfully. Today, we have a recovery application to Get lost data back from Mac recovery for PC called Ease US Data Recovery Wizard for Mac 9.5, which gives you a precise wizard to recoup records, lost allotments, plates, and data deleted from the Mac. We ought to research this data recuperation programming’s segments and adequacy.

Ease US Data Recovery Wizard can recoup the data, for instance, documents of any sorts, pictures, video, and sound, recover lost data due to formatting, messages, et cetera. The product is easy to use. Just in 3 stages you can finish your data recuperation process. Also, you have to take note of this is for Mac Computers including iMac, MacBook Air, Mac smaller than usual, MacBook Pro, Mac Server et cetera. Moreover, not only the PCs, it furthermore recover data from Mac based hard drives, propelled devices and limit media like USB, SD cards, Cameras et cetera.


Some recuperation sorts fuse the ability to make a circle picture, a copy of your polluted drive. You’re then prepared to work with the picture record, rather than the first drive, which means there’s no shot of accidentally corrupting your productive data in case you confer a mistake. Once EASEUS Data Recovery Wizard has discovered your reports it’ll demonstrate to them using their full record names.

Before picking a Data Recovery programming, we must examine the probability of recovery of data for diverse circumstances. Here, we saw the circumstances where the Ease US will recover the Data adequately.

Ease US Data Recovery Wizard for Mac Free 9.5 – Review

It recuperates the data that eradicated and sent to Trash, deleted using “Secure Empty Trash” and deleted of course without knowing the destination of the eradicated records. It recuperates the data lost on account of the sorting out of a drive or section or stockpiling medium. It recovers hard to achieve or lost data due to OS Crash, Software crash, Virus ailment, power off, reset et cetera. EASEUS Data Recovery Wizard can simply recuperate a biggest of 2GB of data, after that you’ll have to climb to the business interpretation. Still, in case you’ve recently lost perhaps two or three records then that may be adequate.


Another component is incorporated this Software is Import and Export the Scan status. It will be valuable to use the yield comes to fruition later. When you are doing a recoup records in mackintosh with this procedure with monster data you can’t save them at one time. Using Import/Export highlight, you can stop the data recovery by charge and later you can proceed with the method by importing archive. This component is truly significant for huge data recovery frames which put aside a lot of time to recover the data.

What’s New in Version 9.5?

– Improve the way of RAW recuperation process.

– Optimize customer interface to unravel recuperation process.

– Fix a couple bugs.


Ease US Data Recovery Wizard for Mac 9.5 is anything but difficult to use and no bugs in the item observed. Specifically the recuperation is 100% powerful for all the late deleted records. You can get support if you find any issue while using this item.

Why Should You Seriously Consider Attending Exhibitions?

There are many benefits that are associated with attending exhibitions and trade shows. This is what we are going to talk about in the following paragraphs. In the event that you plan to promote services or products, joining the exhibition is a really wise decision. It does not matter if you are a distributor, retailer, customer, drop shipper, manufacturer or wholesaler. Attending such an event can be of a really high importance because of the various opportunities and resources that instantly appear.

The main benefits of attending the exhibitions will obviously include the increased possibility of getting potential new customers, getting information, presenting prices and analyzing the competition. Wide market exposure is automatically gained as various businessmen that are in the same industry will attend the event that you will participate in.

Gaining Wider Exposure

Exposure in your industry will automatically be increased when you participate in the exhibition. Something like this is highly beneficial as it will increase awareness about the services/products that are promoted. Many direct contacts will be found and you can easily follow up with them. It is much easier to convert them to effective leads. A favorable impression can be created among those that attend as direct contact is achieved.

Sales Leads

It is easy to be competitive as further sales leads can be gained. Any sales person realizes the fact that transforming prospects into customers is highly important. The exhibitions highlight the possibility that a client base can be increased, this enhancing sales.

Face To Face Interaction

One of the oldest and most effective ways to make a sale is to do it face to face. Experts will always tell you that one of the most important parts of attending an exhibition is to gain a personal interaction with the prospective client. You initially gain attention through booths, tables and backdrops for exhibitions. Then, you get the direct contact that can help you to make the sale.

Face to face interaction is particularly important when dealing with B2B services. That is where you want to be sure that you gain contact with the prospective client. In the business world, it is always better to deal directly with the people that make decisions.

Face to face interaction can be used for so many things. You can even conduct surveys if this is what you want to do. Talk with the prospective customer and make sales faster than through other channels.

Surveying Market Trends

When you attend the exhibition, you can use this as a survey so that you can see the latest industry market trends. It becomes easier to know services and products viability. That is particularly important when referring to a business that is brand new on the market. You can use the participation in order to see what you can do in order to properly enter the market, increase visibility, identify potential client needs and much more. Smart businessmen can even figure out what marketing strategy is more effective for the industry a company operates in.

Craft a Beautiful Holiday Dinner

Holiday dinners are creative, delicious, and they work wonders for bringing families together. However, it is a well-known fact that creating the perfect setting and collecting the best ingredients for your favorite dishes can put a massive strain on your budget. Abide by these tips and tricks to save on decorations, food, and the extra little details. The links provided will lead you directly to Groupon pages filled with coupons for everything you need from stuffing, to centerpieces!

sadSetting the Stage

When it comes to dressing your table with stylish centerpieces, classy cloth napkins, and sterling silverware, the overall cost can be startling! Make sure to draft a firm budget for yourself before you begin the masterpiece.

Scour for great deals! Garage sales are packed with old treasures that just need a little cleaning. You can also snag a few pieces from your local second-hand store, apply a fresh coat of paint, and assemble the perfect look for your home décor!

If you’d rather buy new, grab a few discount codes for JC Penney and explore their vast arrangement of holiday décor for a great price!

The Main Event

As for the meals that you decorate your table with, remember that shopping in bulk will save you loads on your total. Hunt for deals on the web or in store when purchasing the little extras like olives or other finger-foods.

Do you love the edible and creative designs of the holidays? Try assembling one yourself or take advantage of these deals for gift baskets and edible arrangements by Harry and David.

The Finishing Touches

The best part of any holiday meal is a dish of rich desserts to complete the event. To save money on the sweet sides, consider making your desserts from scratch! You can also invite your guests to share one of their favorites; this way, the options and savings will be plentiful.

To top off your meal with a glass of refined taste, check out the savings Groupon offers for THE GOLD METAL WINE CLUB. You can also save and use all of those gift-bottles that you receive from friends and neighbors during the early weeks of the holiday season!

Save big on the little details when it comes to you holiday dinners by using the methods, links, and tips listed above! Remember that sharing is caring, and asking each guest to bring one of their special traditions adds a tasteful, nostalgic variety to your dinner table that everyone will enjoy!

Pharmaceuticals: The Next Frontier in America’s War on Drugs

America’s war on drugs, which has been fought in the opium
fields of Afghanistan and the cocaine plantations of
Columbia, will have to reinvent itself to combat what is set
to be America’s biggest drug abuse problem, pharmaceuticals.
One in five American’s, nearly 48 million, have used
prescription drugs for non-medical purposes at least once in
their lives. The current past month misuse rate among
Americans is 6. 2 million. According to a recent white paper
by Carnevale Associates, this rate of use is already higher
than the historical highs of both cocaine and heroin

For some, the road to illicit use of prescription
medications starts innocently. After a car accident, back
injury, or, even, a mental/emotional breakdown a physician
prescribes medication for a legitimate use. Over time,
tolerance builds up so that more and more of the drug is
needed until a state of dependence is reached. At this
point, there is no easy way to get off the drug, and
stopping can involve painful withdrawal symptoms. Some
doctors have been known to become afraid and cut their
patients off at this point. Patients have been known to
steal prescription pads, or visit numerous doctors to get
the drugs they have become addicted to.

However, contrary to popular belief, it is not older adults
or any adults who are most likely to abuse pharmaceuticals.
In the past decade, abuse of prescription meds among youth
has been growing at an alarming first-time use rate of more
than fifty percent each year. In 2002, the latest year for
which there are statistics, approximately 2. 5 million
American’s misused prescriptions for the first time and 44%
of them were under the age of 18.

Unfortunately, as the media fixes its gaze on the
methamphetamine problem; and the Office of National Drug
Control Policy spends much of its time focusing on Marijuana
the opportunity to address the pharmaceutical addiction and
abuse is being missed. While certain steps have been taken
they have been tentative. The ONDCP has drawn up a strategy
for addressing synthetic drugs, but no serious media
campaign to educate Americans about the problem has been
undertaken. Nor has any pharmaceutical company been brought
to heel for manufacturing drugs with high abuse potential
even when alternatives may exist.

The next battle in America’s war on drugs must draw a bead
on pharmaceuticals. The ONDCP must be willing to launch the
same type of hard hitting ad campaigns against prescription
drug abuse as it has against, marijuana, ecstasy and
cocaine. The FDA must not be afraid to sanction drug
manufacturers who continue to make unsafe drugs where safe
alternatives exist. Pharmaceutical manufactures must become
better citizens and spend the research and development
dollars to make safe and effective drugs, rather than taking
the easy way out.

This new phase of the war on drugs, without easily targeted
foreigners to blame for America’s drug abuse problems, will
take unwavering political resolve, corporate citizenship and
ingenuity. Even then it is likely to take years before the
trend of increases in prescription medicine abuse and
addiction can be reversed.

Common Prescription Drugs of Abuse:

Opioids: these are synthetic versions of opium. Intended for
pain management opioids are the most commonly abused
prescription drugs. OxyContin (oxycodone), Vicodin
(hydrocodone) and Demerol (meperidine) are the most popular
for abuse. Short-term side effects can include pain relief,
euphoria, and drowsiness. Overdose can lead to death.
Long-term use can lead to dependence or addiction.

Depressants: These drugs are commonly prescribed to treat
anxiety; panic attacks, and sleep disorders. Nembutal
(pentobarbital sodium), Valium (diazepam), and Xanax
(alprazolam) are just three of the many drugs in this
category. Immediately slow down normal brain functioning and
can cause sleepiness Long-term use can lead to physical
dependence and addiction.

Drug Addiction Treatment Centers: A Fresh Start

Half a decade ago, I started working on a hotline to help
addicts and their families find drug addiction treatment
centers. Thousands of calls later, I still remember the
first time I picked up the line.

I could hardly make out
what the woman on the other end was saying to me. Shelly
(not her real name) was sobbing. She had just arrived at her
father’s apartment and had found him passed out cold on the
couch with a needle still sticking out of his arm. Why she
called our line instead of 9-1-1 was a mystery. I called for
an ambulance and waited on the phone with her until they
arrived. She told me how her father had been a construction
worker, though his dream was to play guitar in a band.
Shelly said her parents split up when she was thirteen
because of her dadâEUR(TM)s drinking. He moved away to live in
another state for a couple of years and they began to lose
touch. He would send the occasional card or make a call on
her birthday the first couple of years, but that eventually
ended. After college, Shelly decided to find her dad. It
turned out that he had moved back and was living just a
couple of miles from where she grew up.

Somewhere along the way, he had picked up a heroin habit. Shelly tried to talk him into going to treatment, but he always had an excuse for why he couldn’t. Shelly said she visited him weekly, helped him keep his apartment up, bought his groceries and kept after him to quit. She said she they had just talked the night before and that he had, for the first time, agreed to
try treatment. On my end, I could hear the ambulance
approaching and then a knock on the door. Shelly hung up and
I never heard from her again.

Today in America, there are 13 million people in need of
alcohol or drug addiction treatment. Fortunately, according
the government, there are just over 13, 000 drug addiction
treatment centers waiting to help these individuals. It may
have been too late for Shelly’s dad, I don’t know, but I do
know that it is not too late for anyone who is looking for a
drug addiction treatment center today.

Each year millions of people across America, enter treatment
centers. For many, this marks a fresh start, a rebirth. It
is an opportunity to rebuild broken relationships and broken
lives. Those who successfully complete rehab join a recovery
community that is already millions strong.

Understanding Aromatherapy

In the 1920’s, a French cosmetic chemist named Rene-Maurice Gattefosse, was one day making fragrances in his laboratory, when he accidentally burned his arm. He then thrust his badly burnt arm into the nearest cold liquid, which turned out to be a tub of lavender oil. To his surprise, the pain was decreased dramatically and left no usual burn results, such as, redness, heat, inflammation, and blisters. He also noticed that the wound healed quickly and left none of the usual scars associated with burns. It was at that point that Gattefosse dedicated his life to researching the medicinal properties of what we now call nature’s essential oils. Incidentally, he was the first to coin the term aromatherapy.

Essential Oils

Essential oils are aromatic liquid substances extracted from specific species of trees, roots, leaves, fruits, grasses and flowers. These concentrated oils are far more valuable to humankind, than just pleasing aromas. The healing properties of the essential oils, have long been known in ancient times. From Egypt to India to China and used accordingly. Essential oils are absorbed through the skin and leaves no toxins like their medical drug counterparts; this is an effective way to use them. They are excreted from the body through urine, feces, perspiration, and exhalation.

Medicinal And Healing

The essential oils have a proven history of healing and treating many ailments. Acne, burns, insomnia, depression, indigestion, dandruff, and cervical cancer to name a few. They may not necessarily cure all ailments, but do manage them effectively. The modern day medical system and drug industry have been using active ingredients found in the essential oils in their chemical drug making and treatment professions. However, because they’ve been chemically modified by science, they do leave toxins in the body after use, among other related problems. Essential oils in there natural form, are far more beneficial to your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

Cosmetic And Beauty

Apart from being able to heal and treat various ailments, essential oils have a varied and proven means of being great cosmetic alternatives. They can be used to make your own line of natural cosmetics that’s both healthy and none toxic in nature. Imagine making your own body lotion that treats your skin like a pampered king or queen. Cosmetics that wave goodbye to cellulite and rediscover the gorgeousness of your hands. The potential is limitless and very safe. Natural beauty with no high price to pay, just nature’s goldmine in your household.

Air Fresheners & Cleaners

Aromatherapy also provides a means to natural air fresheners and cleaners in the form of……. you guessed it, those wonder working essential oils. Create air fresheners with lemon, geranium, pettigraine and sandalwood blends to perform the music of a breathtaking musical dancing throughout your house in aromas that both paint your face with a smile and childlike awe. Create scents that is not only composed of sweet smelling aromas, but have natural bacteria fighting skills to them. Even soaps can be created, powerful enough to punch the ugliness of bacteria, yet mild enough to shower you with the grace of angels.

Cooking & Food Recipes

So we come to the culinary arts. Yes, using the essential oils in cooking, does open up new exciting paths for the taste of foods. Even the food industry uses these oil to enhance and create new taste treats. The only problem is, because they are produced on a larger scale, mush of the essential oils strengths are no longer present. However, you in your own kitchen, can make up for that little oversight. Herbs, spices, citrus, fruits, and flowers, are the essential main oils you will be using in the kitchen. Use them to elevate the taste of soups, breathe life into vegetables dishes, and addict the taste buds with cakes and desserts, among other dishes.

Domestic Pet Care

Still in awe of the many benefits and uses of aromatherapy? Essential oils help keep ticks, fleas and other diminutive creatures, off your dog for less than there commercial chemical counterparts. Watch as you help your dogs’ coughs, colds and flu become more manageable and disappear with the essential oils niaouli, eucalyptus and tea tree. It’s not just dogs than can benefit from aromatherapy, but cats, rabbits, hamsters and horses. Essential oils offer many remedies and solutions for taking care of your domesticated little friends and companions, saving you a dreaded and expensive trip to the vet.

Garden Guards

Using essential oils in your garden, can prove to be one of the wisest decisions you’ll ever make. Many commercial garden products like pesticides, fungicides or wood preservatives, can wreck havoc in the form of dangerous poisoning, not just on pest and bugs, but in the inevitable foods you’re growing that will end up in your stomach. The beautiful flowers and plants, you’ll be sniffing and touching will definitely have some sort of toxic effect on you, because of the chemicals sprayed on them. This is where using the essential oils as a natural alternative, will not endanger your health. The functions of certain essential oils in the plants before they were extracted, shows that they were able to protect against bacteria and viruses. The strong antibacterial and antiviral properties in the essential oils, are also known for effectively dealing with fungi and mold. Essential oils also deter and prevent pest and insects from harming your garden.

Ancient Miracle

Aromatherapy offers you a choice between toxic chemicals and natural ones that will enhance and beautify your existence on the planet. In addition, it presents to you the gift of acquiring inexpensive solutions to your expensive ones. A chance to naturally take care of your pets as they take care of your happiness and self-esteem. Beautify your self safely without the harmful monsters of chemical cosmetics and live like royalty with the taste of foods fit for the gods. Furthermore, aromatherapy offers the miracle of effective healing and treatment that do more good than there chemical brothers.

Are You A Hopium Addict?

If the question alone was enough to make you recoil in horror, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the term couldn’t possibly apply to you. You may not have heard the term before, but your reaction may be because you are a closet hopium addict.

What is the definition of a hopium addict? ‘A hopium addict is someone who puts their own emotional needs on hold, while they wait for their partner to kick their addiction – be it to drugs, alcohol, gambling, or emotionally and physically abusive behaviour – despite all the evidence to the contrary’.

Addiction to drugs, alcohol and gambling are easy enough to identify. The addiction to emotionally and physically abusive behaviour is generally far less readily identifiable, at least to the woman who is on the receiving end of it.

You see, women don’t intentionally fall in love with a bully. They’ll fall in love with someone who’s strong, masterful, in control, masculine, powerful, resourceful, confident; in short, someone who’ll complete them, someone who appears to embody all the old fashioned stereotypes of what a man is. (Or, at least, what a man was before the feminists started to challenge the stereotype. )#)

Now, the man who appears to embody all these stereotypes, behaves in a particular way that allows his conquest to slip into: ‘I’m-a-princess-and-I’ve-finally-been-rescued-by-my-prince’ mode. Suddenly, all the burdens of coping on her own have been lifted from her shoulders. Suddenly, she’ll never have to ‘do’ life alone again…

By rights, these couples should just walk off into the sunset happily together, the man chivalrously keeping his sword slung over his right hip to protect his lady from danger…. Except that it’s not really like that.

Abusive men start out very charming and chivalrous and in control. They tend to be fast wooers – because the veneer of confident masculinity is actually rather thin and brittle. Underpinning the veneer there is a profound sense of personal inadequacy and a fundamental dislike of women. (If you listen to them long enough they’ll tell you that key female figures in their life have wronged them. At bottom, they mistrust all women. )#)

Once the fog of hormones, pheromones and straight lust starts to lift, things play out rather differently. Abusive men seek commitment yet loathe the demands it imposes on them. They encourage their partner to depend on them, then become acutely resentful of the dependency they see.

This resentment, increasingly, reveals itself in reproaches, fault finding, withdrawal of intimacy and escalating outbursts of anger. Whether or not physical violence is used, the nature of these outbursts is violent, inasmuch as it shatters trust and undermines the woman’s feelings of self-worth.

The man may, or may not, threaten to leave. Almost certainly, he will point out to his partner how fundamentally flawed and unworthy she is. The woman is likely to have difficulty in reconciling this stranger, who is incandescent with self-righteous fury, with the prince who wooed her.

An attack of this kind is devastating and, at least in the early days, the woman is likely to reveal the depth of her distress. When she does so, the man’s fury will subside and he will revert to being her loving cavalier… for a while at least.

The point is: an abusive man restores his own feelings of self-worth by cutting ‘the little woman’ down to size – irrespective of whatever it is that occurred to make him feel small in the first place.

But there’s also a calculation involved: whether or not he loves her, he desperately needs her, because he uses her to shore up his feelings about himself. So, he has to do his best not to drive her away; which is why he reverts back to loving mode… until the next time. And there always will be a next time – which will always be worse than before – because in order to get his payoff, he has to ‘up the ante’.

Over time, as he keeps knocking her down (psychologically and perhaps physically also), he becomes more confident that she won’t leave. With all the conflict she loses the energy and the sense of an independent self that she needs to leave. So the loving interludes become less necessary, for him, and less frequent.

And that’s where the hopium addiction comes in. He may still ‘mainline’ her just enough love to keep her locked in; or else she may be so starved that she stays, when she should have left long ago, still trying to get the ‘fix’ she needs; the fix, that she misguidedly believes, only he can provide.

The hopium addict is the woman who thinks that her partner loves her really, he just has difficulty showing it because he’s had a hard time. She believes that somehow it will all work out alright, they’ll find a way to live happily together ever after, the kids won’t be affected.

Unfortunately, hopium addiction is degenerative; like any other addiction, unless you get treatment, it will destroy you.

Annie Kaszina Specialist Women’s Empowerment Coach and NLP Practitioner. Author of the ebook “The Woman You Want To Be”

Examining Drugs for ADHD, Particularly ‘Strattera’

In memory of 14 year old Matthew Smith; 11 year old Stephanie Hall; and 10 year old Shaina Dunkle and other children who have died from the use of psychotropic drugs for “ADHD”.

The Eli Lilly company has been marketing a new drug for those who are labeled as ADHD known as Strattera. This drug is purported to be a non-stimulant medication, however the side effects are similar. Rather than effecting the dopamine system as do the stimulants such as methylphenidate and dextroamphetamine, it works upon the norepinephrine neurotransmitter. Strattera is considered a Norepinephrine reuptake inhibitor. Norepinephrine is the brain’s adrenalin. Norephinephrine is involved in the increased rate and force of the heart muscle, constriction of heart muscles, pulmonary function (Hedaya, 1999).

If these functions are increased, it would be evident that Strattera could produce possible untoward effects on the cardiovascular system. It is interesting to note that in the safety information that Eli Lilly provides on its website, it refers to possible hazards to those who have heart disease or high blood pressure. Information provided by Eli Lilly accompanying prescriptions of this drug note the possibility of tachycardia, and increased blood pressure. Tourette’s disorder, though the etiology is not fully known is being examined as difficulties arising in the metabolism of dopamine, serotonin, and norepinephrine. it is known that stimulant drugs can produce Tourette’s like behavior in some children (Breggin, 1998).

If Strattera affects the norepinephrine system, then it would seem evident that the possibility of such Tourette’s like behavior could also become manifest in some children using Strattera. Therefore, though Strattera is being marketed in the fashion of being a non-stimulant drug, its ill effects are quite similar to that manifested by the stimulant medications. Eli Lilly’s website notes that growth suppression is a common side effect and needs to be monitored in children making use of this drug. Loss of appetitite and weight loss is also seen. The most common side effects as listed by Lilly are upset stomach, decreased appetite, nausea and vomiting, dizziness, tiredness, and mood swings. These are not unlike that associated with the stimulant medications.

Lilly states in its press release in regards to Strattera’s introduction: “It’s not known precisely how Strattera reduces ADHD symptoms. Scientists believe it works by blocking or slowing reabsorption of norepinephrine, a brain chemical considered important in regulating attention, impulsivity and activity levels. This keeps more norepinephrine at work in the tiny spaces between neurons in the brain. ” If we examine this statement carefully, we see it states ‘it is not precisely known’, therefore once again a drug is being prescribed whose effects are not fully known for a’disorder’ whose psychopathology is not yet delineated. Clinical trials for Strattera have been limited and any information on long term effects has only been studied by Lilly itself. It is interesting to note that before Strattera was actually placed on the market and had just received FDA approval that the stocks for Eli Lilly rose 6% at the announcement (CBS Marketwatch, November 27, 2002). Lilly is aware that it will profit highly by being able to market a drug as a non-stimulant (though its ill effects are similar), that is not a Schedule II drug thus less subject to scrutiny and regulation. Hemant K. Shah, an independent analyst qouted in an AP Health News Report (August 15, 2002) states that Strattera’s market potential is large at a time when Eli Lilly is seeking to offset recent setbacks., “Parents who have refused stimulant dangers because of their knowledge of the hazards involved will now be coerced to utilize Strattera being led to believe it is somehow safer because it does not fall into the category of a stimulant/ Schedule II drug.