Including life insurance in investment plans to ensure better life of family

For some people, their first encounter with the benefits of having a life insurance happens when some acquaintance, friend, or colleagues faces some untimely mishap which makes them realize the vulnerability of their lives. Sometimes, some people also gets motivated to get the same coverage once they see that their family members acquire the same.

Unfortunately, Sabal Insurance advises against this method because these people don’t realize that insurance should cover whatever needs to be protected. What is important to understand is that life insurance is not something, which should be bought in impulse. It requires planning and careful thinking.

What people need to understand is that life insurance is indispensable and fundamental if someone wants to have a sound financial plan.

The first thing that Ian Morris would propagate when one visits Sabal Insurance is that even the cost of the funeral and burial processes can run into thousands of dollars, and the family may have pay for it. Having a life insurance would help in providing the necessary financial help when family is going through an emotional breakdown.

Sabal Insurance also ensures that as most parents would be worried about their kids, their family is taken care of especially their education expenses. This is the reason that life insurance provided by the company ensures to cover all kinds of needs by the family.

Besides this, in this fast world, with both partners earning, it becomes difficult if because of some mishap, one of the partners fails to provide for the income. This too, is taken care of by the insurance service providers like Sabal. This is done that irrespective of the situation, so that the family does not have to compromise on the quality of life that they are so used to living.

Ian Morris of Sabal Insurance states that the insurance besides providing the basic coverage for the life of one person, and also the income to bear everyday living expenses can also be used to ask for loans. The loans can be taken against the total amount promised at the end of the term. This money can be used to cover for various expenses like education, health and even building a business. The loaned amount can also be used to business needs. If the main insurer dies then, there is nothing to be scared for because the life insurance coverage would ensure to provide for even for business. That way the family would be under no obligation to sell the business or be at risk of it closing down due to non-payments.

What people need to understand is that it is very important to identify how much of the coverage that would be needed by that individual. The death benefit of the insurance policy, which is basically the amount of proceeds that are paid to the beneficiary should be high enough to replace what the individual would have earned when living. This also depends on the amount of premium that can be afforded by you. The best insurance amount would be around something which would ensure that the family continues living their lifestyle.

Learn How to Become a Franchise of the Major American Massage Spa 

As it comes to the therapeutic value of massage sessions, the procedures have been established to benefit an individual in different terms. While stress, depression as well, extremely busy lifestyle have become essential perquisites for existence, one should accept all these challenges with best spirit. And that is the key of growth and accomplishments.  To attain that endurance, Massage can really help by relaxing tensed muscles, enhancing blood circulation that eventually, lower stress level, make your mind free and you feel active.

Founded in 2002, Scottsdale based Message Envy Spa inaugurated its 1000th spa centre in Pennsylvania in 2013. At everyone’s amazement, on the very first year, the PA spa point of Message Envy generated pretty good sales, which is an all time record. According to International Spa Association that in US, as on day there are over 25,000 spa establishments which are active in different states of America. Among them, Massage Envy Spa is one of the top preferred Spas because of its wide network, comprehensive range of kneading and facial services, expert therapists and great customer price.

Massage Envy’s Membership Benefits

Having been equipped all state-of-the-art franchisee spa points scattered in 49 states; this elite standard American Massage Specialist Company is having its major service points in the states of California, Florida, Texas, Arizona and New Jersey. As per the record of 2013, the group achieved a total sales turnover of $14.7 billion approximately. Once become its member you can avail the following special offers

  • Add-on Family Massages: Enables you share Massage Envy Services together with your loved one.
  • Free Massages: If someone out of your referrals becomes a member within 30 days from your membership, you are offered with a Massage session absolutely ‘free’.
  • Massage Sharing: You can share your massage service with your friend or relation
  • Massage Splitting: You can split your massage session into two parts
  • Massage Personalizing: Personalizing services is basically combination of 2 or 3 massage sessions in special prices.

In a press meeting the COO, Massage Envy Spa said that the dedicated efforts as well, the ‘keep it up’ attitude of offering high-class services by Envy’s franchisees; close coordination of its team members and launching of never-beatable schemes for bettering customer services by the group are the root causes that made MES as America’s No 1 Spa Franchisee.

Why Not Think Of Envy’s Franchise!

This is inspiring that in the recent times it has signed more than 42 new franchise agreements all across the US. Big Corporate Therapy centers are showing interest to get Massage Envy’s Franchisee.

The company Massage Envy Spa is looking for franchisees in a number of territories including Cheyenne, Alabama, Los Angles Wyoming; California, Iowa, Des Moines and more. In that press meeting the Joe also stated that those who are interested to obtain Massage Envy’s Franchisee should please note that the minimum perquisite of the offer is that aspirants should own some kind of net worth.


7 facts prove how the hardest problems can be solved with Scrum

In the project management and software development business, you will experience many seemingly unsolvable problems. It is extremely important to deal with these problems as early as possible so that these will not become complicated, making them impossible to get past.

The good news is that there are now a number of effective methodologies that everyone can use in order to solve these project management issues. Scrum is an Agile framework that can be used in several kinds of business projects. As it adds flexibility to processes, it can be very effective for software development. CSM Certification demonstrates that you have a thorough understanding of Scrum principles and processes and can work as a ScrumMaster to lead an Agile project. If you wish to undertake Certified Scrum Master Training in India, pick a reputed institution where training is imparted by experienced CSTs who are Scrum Alliance certified.

Here are 7 facts that can prove that Scrum is effective in solving even the hardest business problems:

Scrum Greatly Helps in Developing Usable Software

Traditional projects stick to the original requirements that were mapped out at the start of the project, and if there are changing needs then the final product becomes unusable. When project requirements change over the course of the project, the inbuilt flexibility in the Scrum process helps to create usable software.

ScrumMaster is there to Facilitate the Progress

The ScrumMaster’s role is to facilitate the smooth progress of a particular project. The ScrumMaster must also evaluate the possible issues that may occur along the way, and provide for the most effective solution to any impediments that may occur.

 ScrumMaster Will Also Monitor the Product Backlog

Since a ScrumMaster is very familiar with the Scrum process, he can effectively monitor the product backlog. Hence, every problem that will arise- even the most minor ones- can be solved right away.

ScrumMaster is Responsible to Impose Strict Adherence to Scrum Practices and Values

Scrum has its unique practices and values that must be strictly followed by every member of a project team. The ScrumMaster should ensure that these practices and values are observed all the time. This can then lead to excellent team performance.

Certified ScrumMaster Training is Provided by CSTs or Scrum Alliance Certified Trainers

A deeper understanding of the Scrum process can be provided by the Scrum Alliance Certified Trainers through the Certified ScrumMaster Training. Because of this, you will surely know how to solve every possible project issue that will occur.

Scrum Has Iterative Approach

Scrum processes are carried out in iterations, making it possible to respond easily to emergent requirements and rapid changes of the project. The flexible nature of Scrum processes allow for changes that may occur right up to project delivery.

Scrum Will Teach You How to Respond in Every Project Situation

When you enroll in Certified Scrum Master Training in India, you will know exactly what to do in every situation in the project you are handling. With that being said, there’s no way you cannot effectively handle all the problems.

Do sign up for a CSM Certification workshop today in order to learn how to be an efficient and skilled ScrumMaster and lead your team to success.

Online Strategies to Manage and Protect Your Brand Reputation

The arrival of social media and other online marketing techniques has acted as a catalyst for a greater level of customer satisfaction. With increased interaction the ease with which people can publicly express their views, comments, and reviews about a brand also increases. This means that you have to put up some hard work to make your brand as immune as possible towards negative comments and web search results.  Here are some tactics for the same.

Marketing has undergone a transformation at the most fundamental level through various digital and social media tools.  Customers feel more powerful and in more control than ever when it comes to interacting with their favorite brands. Therefore marketing also has to change from mass e-mailing or messaging to individual focused customer engagement. An empowered customer base is not always good news especially if you are a business owner as anyone has the freedom to attack your brand, with a legitimate reason or not. Therefore it has become all the more important to monitor, protect and manage the reputation of your brand.

Control the search results

Whenever someone inputs a search query in Google, the search engine results page comes up, with typically 10 results at a time. Needless to say, your goal should be to populate this search result page with as many positive results as possible, or with as less negative results as possible. There might be some positive feedback about your business on the web and also some negative feedback and the key, here is to point the search engine towards as many positive feedbacks as possible.

The first thing to do in this regard is to do proper search engine optimization of your site and fully optimize it.  The basics should be right-a correctly formatted code and keyword rich content.

Few years back Google came up with a very helpful feature, Google Suggest, where suggestions are generated as you type in the search box. These suggestions are based on popular search terms, and if a negative suggestion comes up in the Google search box, it indicates a problem with your online reputation. People are attracted towards negative stuff and will often click on the negative auto-suggested search. Doing so will fortify the negative search’s popularity. Although there is no foolproof method to combat this issue, the only option you have is to drive as many searches as possible towards results that do not have the negative term.

Ask for positive customer feedback

A huge part of online brand management is about managing the customer reviews about products and services. For each positive review, there will be at least five negative reviews, experiences or opinions and countering them is a big task. Every big company, however good it claims to be, will find itself at the receiving end of flak by customers or by an ex-employee. Internet is a free for all democracy where you have zero control over what people say and write about you.

Therefore, countering negative reviews and customer feedback through a positive review strategy is the only solution that you have. As a part of this strategy, you have to actually ask customers to write positive reviews. Better than asking customers to leave positive reviews on various online outlets is to create a review portal on your website. This section needs not be on the main navigation but it should be the place where your satisfied customer would head to leave a positive review.

Tackle customer complaints offline

Never try to take a customer head on. It ensue a flame war which will do little good to your reputation. This is a similar situation where few people call in to talk with a RJ on radio and a thousand other people are listening anytime. Your every action and retaliatory comment is being keenly watched by a thousand followers and people are going to have their own judgments about how well you handle the situation.

For any customer grievance there are few points to keep in mind:

·         Initiate the response with something like, “I feel sorry for what you had to go through, or you are having this problem” , even if you don’t. Instead of prolonging the response, just keep it short and simple, without admitting any guilt over the problem.

·         In your second or third sentence, take your response offline with lines, “Please email me the issue here, or please visit this page..http://xyz.issueform.html or call me at 8789#*^86. On twitter ask the person to direct message you.

This helps in thinning the negative content about the problem that customer faced with your product or service, saving you from a bad image problem. In case the problem is too simple and there is something informative that can help other customers as well, go ahead and share it.

In order to track down all the negative feedback, you will have to constantly monitor the brand. You can use a free tool like Google Alerts or switch to a paid one which is more powerful.

Seek professional help

Brand reputation is a risky matter and the situation can quickly escalate from a simple issue to a huge disaster for the brand. Therefore, swift reaction is necessary and in case you feel helpless it is only right to ask for a professional advice or seek someone who is adept at handling such crisis situation. While you social media guy can solve a lot of issues, there are times when you will need to hire a specialist. There are many niche internet marketer jobs advertised these days, going by the headline of reputation manager sometimes. These professionals are trained in tackling sticky situations and damage control methods.

However careful you might be, there might be times when reputation crisis is unavoidable. Defining success or the least bad outcome at such times should be the first priority. Some definitions of success might be to get a negative term out of the search engine results or changing customer reviews from negative to positive.

UntitledSaurabh Tyagi is a writer, social media enthusiast and a keen watcher of latest job trends. He is currently associated, a leading onlinerecruitment company in India. When he is not writing, you will find him reading about the latest job trends in Information technology and new media.





Mobile application development an essential part of any business

Mobile app development has recently grown to become a booming industry. As per market experts, there are currently more than 2.3 million mobile app developers who are devoted to solve all the app development queries as per the business demand. As of 2013, there were more than 1.25 million apps that were registered in the Apple app store which accounted for more than 50 billion downloads and USD 5 billion were paid to those developers. Therefore, it became very clear that mobile app development is one of the most important factors for business.

As per Photon Infotech, there has been an unprecedented growth in the number of people who access the internet with the help of smartphones, tablets and now even smart watches. With mobile apps, businesses can actually have the ability to target these consumers. This holds more truth as market research report by a leading agency revealed that about 67% of US smartphone users access the Internet through the device on a daily basis. It has also been predicted that by 2017, the number of app downloads would increase to 200 billion and the revenues generated from the app development would increase to USD 63.5 billion. One of the major reasons for this growth is said to be smartphone and tablet sales.

Furthermore, with the increased connectivity and the growth in the sales of smartphones and tablets, the amount of mobile apps installed has grown exponentially. As per the market research report, near about 50% of smartphone users utilize the apps in their mobile phones more than the website version. Two thirds of this number are regular mobile app users. The statistics clearly indicate that the mobile applications creates a unique opportunity to communicate directly with the target audience.

The growth of the mobile applications, infact, as indicated by the Photon Infotech Reviews has given birth to connected consumers and affected the global consumer space in a positive manner. Businesses that owns a mobile app have infact connected with millions of consumers at their fingertips. Therefore, all that the business has to do is build, develop an effective application, and release it to different operating systems stores. The following are the biggest benefits of mobile applications for businesses:

Businesses can increase their brand loyalty through the development of mobile application especially in the retail sector. Photon Infotech develops mobile application that offers opportunity for brands to reinforce themselves to their customers through a new channel. These mobile applications enable the customer to download the website wherein they can customize preferences that suit the needs of the users.

Secondly, the smartphone users are always on the go and this means that they don’t have the time to visit a website and use them. The mobile websites developed by companies enable the users to access the relevant businesses as and when they need them. All related information, images, links and data is available through this mobile apps which is no different that the desktop version of the website.

All these benefits make mobile development an essential part of any business. Photon Infotech reviews guide businesses towards making the right choice when it comes to switching to mobile app development.

SEO – A Reliable Way to Stay Ahead of Your Competitors


In life one can be very certain of change. Besides life the same goes for SEO (Search Engine Marketing) as the algorithms undergo a drastic change on a timely basis. Those who desire to stay ahead in e-business, marketing and even management for that matter should be able to adapt to change before their competitors adapt. By staying updated one can market smartly and stay ahead in every aspect, but how does one do so?

Those of you who are on a budget can make use of WordPress that can be used for free. With endless designs and free tools for access one can build their own informative website without any difficulty. However, one needs to stay updated with the numerous changes that keep happening every now and then. However, not everyone is aware of these changes. Failing to do so can drop your ranking and result in less web traffic and less potential clients.

It is important to stay updated with this change. To know more about this change you make use of the World Wide Web. The internet becomes your teacher who perpetually fulfills your curiosity to learn about such issues. You research about a number of tools and other equipment that can help you increase your web traffic. Just to gain the knowledge I had to spend hours going through tons of links. I would often read irrelevant information that consumed a lot of time. However, this was put to an end when I came across a particular portal. Those that make use of relevant keywords are sure to stay ahead in the game.

The portal provided countless links that covered a variety of interests such as fashion, health, books, technology and many other interests. I could choose from the variety and read up about the product, compare and then decide if I am interested in buying or not. In case if you are looking for something particular, you can even make use of the search bar and get to the desired product without wasting time.

When I wanted to read about reviews and new techniques related to SEO, I made use of this website and got access to a lot of relevant information that helped me grow. If you are looking for a change in your business and want to approach it positively make use of such websites and gain access to relevant information. Knowing and implementing the latest can change your business and even increase your revenue without doing much.

Those of you who are into small, medium or large business should make use of such services. You are likely to save time and learn a lot. Even if you are looking to purchase a product such website can provide with great reviews. Searching for these websites online should not be a problem as there are very few websites that provide such kind of facilities. With such services you can stay updated with the things technology has done to help business grow. Revolutionize your business by learning and revolutionizing your competitive strategy.

Know About the Existing Malpractices in Medicare Program

There is no dearth of healthcare frauds all over the world and few of them grab many eyeballs too by getting extensive coverage by the media. While viewing or reading about such news, we often forget that sometimes innocent people get framed as Jessica Vigil in the Jessica Vigil Fraud case. The case is an eye-opener as it shows how a medical professional can become a victim even without his or her involvement in the fraud. Jessica Vigil, a Physiotherapist of over more than a decade of experience is nowadays creating awareness among medical professionals about Medicare Fraud that are quite rampant and go unnoticed in most cases.

What exactly is a Medicare fraud?

Medicare fraud is a fraud involving the popular insurance program named “Medicare” in the United States of America in which Medicare is billed for fake procedures or for non-existent medical practices. It should be noted that under the social insurance program, healthcare benefits are given to US citizens aged 65 years or above. Approximately, 48 million Americans receive the benefit of this social insurance program which was founded in 1965 when it became apparent that US citizens above 65 years of age are facing great difficulties in getting private health insurance coverage. However, malpractices started becoming rampant within the program and in some scenarios even the healthcare facility owner is found to be involved within a conspiracy with medical practitioners leading to frauds. It has also been found that in some cases, people with an easy access to records do the fraud.

A word of caution to medical practitioners

Jessica Vigil emphasize that in any scenario, chances are highly negligible that medical practitioners affiliated with a healthcare provider are involved or even aware about the fraud that too right under their noses. This is because medical practitioners remain vigilant towards their assigned duties, but does not keep an eye on what is happening around them. It is high time that they should be vigilant at work front and read any medical document carefully before putting their signatures. She has in fact dedicated her remaining life in creating awareness by giving lectures at various places wherever she got a chance to voice her opinions about frauds. She gives her own example as how she was held guilty for no apparent reason by the court as her employer billed the Medicare for some physical therapy services which were not rendered by her to the patients at all. She was thus an unwitting accomplice and her name gets dragged in Medicare fraud despite her repeated pleas of innocence.

She strongly advocate that rather than blindly trusting the employers, medical practitioners should be alert and know whether there is a breach of trust or not. Jessica Vigil also runs an academy co-founded by her husband where martial art training is offered. She also meanwhile keeps herself busy by imparting yoga classes to kids and tries her level best to inform others the truth of the Jessica Vigil Fraud case so that nobody else get wrongly framed for no apparent reasons.

Tips on customs clearance

If you want a smooth and hassle free shipment of the goods that you are importing, then you need to know a few thing about the procedure. Shippers are limited to a few regional carriers end up paying a higher price. A good logistics provider and a reliable customs clearance in Toronto can help you identify other carriers that can meet the demands of price and service level of your company on both sides of the border. In addition, identify appropriate suppliers with experience in cross-border transport can help reduce the risk of delays and withholding at the border.

Look to local experts who speak your language and know the local customs laws. The ideal vendor should have a strong international network of offices and agents who provide personalized service wherever they operate and should help to develop a clear, concise and consistent so that shipments to clear customs as quickly as possible. Recourse to consultancy and audits to improve their international trade. Make it a priority to understand Trans boundary transport habits and identify ways to improve and eliminate delays constantly.

Work with an experienced broker of customs clearance in Toronto to facilitate prompt inspection of cargoes. Government agencies engaged in commercial, agricultural, security inspections and smuggling supply chains. Although these government agencies that determine the frequency, duration and type of inspection, a customs broker experienced in the country can coordinate with government inspectors, carriers and facilities involved to facilitate an early approval.

In certain cases, a furniture-mounted crane to raise or lower the furniture in the respective addresses of loading and unloading it, especially if there is no elevator. After unpacking completed on arrival, employees removed the packaging materials used, but if there are boxes filled by customer request, it can call once you have placed all their belongings in the new home and then would spend to collect all the excess material. Finally, read the documents that present employees and compliance firm still reflect any anomaly is detected.

After the move, report a change of address to family, friends, neighbours and acquaintances, institutions, companies, associations, sports clubs, etc. Renew your registration data. Renew supply contracts: gas, electricity, water, telephone, internet, television, etc. Renew bank accounts. Update your medical insurance policies, home, car, etc. Renew subscriptions to newspapers and magazines. Manage forwarding mail to their new home.

In addition to the above, the documents are usually required to as export are Copy the RFC, with home and offices, Custom Letter for shipping merchandise, Document confirming the reservation of the shipping agency of shipment of goods (only in cases of maritime customs dispatch); if you do not have that reservation, instruct the customs agency to be requested by the consignor. Being containers must be requested prior to shipment way to load the goods to be exported and have them ready in 3 days in advance. Depending on the nature or type of goods should be added. In case you face any problem during customs clearance in Toronto then let your broker deal with it.

Gary Weber is a financial reviewer for a range of online content networks (consisting of companies similar to, who sheds light on a variety of customs clearance themes and areas alike. A tireless drifter of internet space and an influential figure in anything of significance to the customs clearance.

Dilas Intl Customs Brokers – Toronto Customs Broker
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(416) 850-5679

The Major American Tech Consultancy and Staffing Solution Provider

Starting from Fortune 500 corporate organizations to upcoming business entrepreneur, you can find wide range of enterprises that obtain technology, consultancy and staffing solutions & services from the Santa Clara, CA based company BA Technolinks Corp. With over 10 years experience in offering specialized services to technology solutions, project management and hiring of exclusive talents from the industry, the group is one of the best preferred to its existing as well as prospective business houses.

In the midst of their major clients one can find IT, software designers, hardware vendors, big financial institutions, telecom companies, system integrators and so on. Most importantly, the corporate record of BA Techno Links Corp Reviews exhibit that whoever has experienced and obtained their exclusive services, they never turned back to any other company thereafter. So incredible, comprehensive and consistent are its customer service!!

When it comes to the issue of long lasting partnership in business world, it’s undisputedly, a ‘super-tough’ challenge and task for an enterprise to retain its old clients and go on adding new ones in this globalized economy and market scenario. No wonder, this can be attainable by a company only by staying 100% committed, consistent with newest methodologies and techniques and by letting the customer feel that the service provider is ‘second to none’ always. And, on sustaining this record for over the last 10 continuously, the group, its management, consultants as well as the employees are highly appreciated in number of BA Techno Links Corp Links Reviews.

The chief objective of this Californian new generation group is to offer uncompromised quality services; optimization of customer satisfaction level and continuous assessment and development of its expertise level. According to its top management that ‘expertise’ is a word which should not be static and must go upward with the changing world so as to customers can get steady services that they look for. Providing customers with the right solution, in right time and in every assignment is the key to become successful.

Some of the salient features of BA

  • Headquarter at Silicon Valley in Santa Clara, California
  • Founded by Tech Savvy group of professionals as well, entrepreneurs
  • Achieved ‘double digital’ growth rate every years from its inception
  • It employs over 1200 experts in multiple areas to render services to its worldwide clients
  • As per studies and BA Techno Link Corp Reviews, it’s one of the fastest leading consultancy companies in technology, business and project development
  • Operated by industry experienced certified professionals
  • Comprehensive Domain Knowledge
  • Competent to handle Multiple Operating Platforms/ Networking System/Databases and IT solution managements
  • Superior stuffing capability backed by full scale screening and evaluation
  • Consistent Growth with high class resource and financial performance, Impressing Balance Sheet and speedy Cash Flow
  • Long listed satisfied clientele that include Fortune 500 enterprises

The Group’s specialized Staffing Solutions Procedure focus on technical skill recruitment, consultancy and IT professionals stuffing. Based upon the availability of company’s core expert pool and geographical setting of the project, it utilizes its special wing of recruitment experts for corporate staffing solutions.


Meet a Specialized Realtor While Buying or Selling a Home in San Antonio

As of today, in San Antonio, Texas the name of the realtor Pamela Rothe is well acknowledged by people familiar with the real estate industry. On her joining the nation’s prominent real estate group Keller Williams Reality; people who have properties here and buying brand new homes at Antonio, or those who at least keep some news of new happenings in the real estate industry; know well as to whose contribution is behind all these fast changing appearance of the city. The majority of broken down buildings are getting converted into eye-catching residential complexes, condominiums and trendiest homes.

It is, for more than 5 years Pamela is offering her fantastic services to home buyers, property sellers and accompanying both property holders and new-comes intend to buy home in the prestigious city of San Antonio. For her great involvement, imaginative ides and profound insight, the Keller’s group has honored her with membership of its elite club ‘Agent Leadership Council’ or ACL. This is meant exclusively for the high performing agents while only first 15% of the top scorers are allowed to join this club. Notably, among the top result-oriented agents, at Keller Williams Reality, it’s the 2nd successive year that Pamela Rothe has been chosen as the ‘STAR’ performer.

From the major to minor clients of Keller Group, Pam Rothe is everybody’s ‘top liked’ realtor. For Pamela, 2nd April of 2015 was a very special day as her loving mom Barbara Rothe; by profession a much respected aged school teacher has joined her daughter in the realty group. Pamela exposed this news to the press stating that her mom’s joining Keller Group is likely to prove precious. According to Pamela Rothe, the most budding realtor and a celebrated member of Keller William, her mother’s great knowledge, passionate nature, down-to-earth views will help the management of this company.

Aside from her widespread circle which is, in fact, filled with innumerable scholarly, sophisticated, and influential personalities not only limiting within the boundary of Texas but scattered all through the US, Barbara’s high personality and popularity will be an asset for Keller William; and that would be proved in no time.  In the recent board meeting, it’s been decided that Barbara Rothe will look after the administrative part of Keller Group. This has been decided considering her great wisdom, long experience and superb management skill, which will be surely helpful for the community in systemizing their corporate activities in a better way.

Secondly, Barbara, as a senior most school mistress is well known to numbers of citizens of San Antonio, which will eventually be beneficial for the group to attain customers’ faith, confidence as well as business. As it comes to Barbara Rothe, for this hard working, passionate and strong-minded educationist, working for a real estate organization is about to be a great challenge and exciting endeavor for her. Barbara is positive about this new assignment and is thrilled to experience a new arena as well as a fast changing industry.